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Popularity of online bingo


The increase in the popularity of online bingo over recent years has been astounding and unprecedented. For a while, its growth was more or less exponential (technically inflationary) and although the rate of growth has levelled out, it is still growing at a steady rate. Although other forms of online gaming have responded to changing economic circumstances, and even online poker has suffered a decline recently (though it is now growing again), playing bingo online seems to be completely recession proof.

The online bingo demographic is mainly younger female players. It is reported that bingo is the most popular online leisure pursuit amongst women in the 20 to 25 age group. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for this is that bingo is not perceived as a true gambling game even though it is played for monetary prizes and in most cases it is necessary to place a monetary stake.

Another possible reason is that bingo has a strong social element that is enjoyed online just as it used to be (and to some extent still is) at traditional bingo halls. Many online bingo games are played alongside chat rooms which mean that players can socialise as they play.

Many bingo sites offer attractive bonuses and introductory offers to new players and there is very little barrier to entry. It is very easy to sign up and start playing without risking very much cash at all. Even a £5.00 deposit can reward new players with a 100% matching bonus and games can be bought for as little as 1p and some games are free to play.

Although many people find playing bingo is fun, the online version is very easy to play; much easier than playing it at a real bingo hall. When playing live it is easy to miss a call or make another mistake, but online all errors that players may make are corrected automatically.

Online bingo is also very fair. It is entirely under the control of a random number generator and all bingo cards have the same chance of winning.
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