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Playing for the Biggest Jackpots

There is an important question to ask yourself whenever you are playing slots, lotteries, poker machines or even scratchcards and that is; 'do you play for the big jackpots or play without them?'. It doesn't seem like the first thing on everybodies mind but it is going to make a real difference to what happens to your bankroll over the coming minutes, hours, days and in fact most likely the rest of your life.

Difference between slots with Jackpots and without

Considering slots as our example, those that have the top prize increasing in size as people play is a jackpot slot. Commonly known as a 'progressive slot' these games build their jackpot by taking a small amount of money from each line that people play and add it to the main prize until somebody wins the jackpot prize. With hard to win top prizes it can lead to the biggest jackpots and multi-million dollar, euro or pound wins which is an attractive draw for players to hope, pray and play for.
Winning Jackpot Line
Image by vineszoocontact from Pixabay
The downside of playing progressive jackpot games of whatever sort is that there is less money to be returned to you the player in regular prizes. So as you play there are fewer or smaller prizes being returned to you and so inevitably your bankroll will dwindle faster than if you were playing a standard slot with fixed prizes for certain outcomes.

Its your decision whether to play with the excitement of a possible life changing amount of money or regular wins that will keep you going and maybe end the night ahead.

Can you play lotteries without jackpots?

Normal lottery play involves an ever increasing jackpot which only resets when someone wins it, that is the headline grabbing feature built into the system to get more players in as each week goes past. However, many lotteries, especially the UK national lottery, have a limited number of rollovers of the jackpot prize before all the money has to be paid out, even if the jackpot combination of numbers is not found by any player. So you can't avoid playing a lottery with a progressive jackpot but you can play when you know it is going to pay out and this way get much better value for your ticket price.

Can you play scratchcards without jackpots?

Most people who play scratchcards just purchase them from small store vendors, take their chance scratching away and then throw the ticket away when they lose or get cash when they win. Some of these games do not have huge top prizes and so consequently have many more normal sized prizes to give out and your chance of winning any prize is much greater.

Most games though come with high top prizes of a £1 million or more.These are great money-makers for the operator. Players can however play these games with more sense and awareness as all the different scratchcard games can be viewed online. Not only can you see if there are any of the top prizes left to win but hidden in the details you can see how many there were to begin with. Thus you are able to pick scratchards with lots of top prizes remiaining to be won and avoid those where there are a few or even none!

Largest Jackpot wins

According to the Guiness World Records the top online slot jackpot prize is still that of brit Jon Heywood, of Cardiff Wales, who on 6th October 2015 won €17.9m. Of course being in the UK he got all the money as there is no tax to pay on gambling winnings. A more recent win of €19.4m on a Microgaming slot by a Belgian player has not been confirmed by the world records team.

For land based casinos you have to go back to the heyday of the casino, all the way to 2003 when a young man, reportedly a software engineer, put $100 into the Megabucks machine in the Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas, and picked up the progressive jackpot of $39.7m. OF course a flat rate of 24% tax was payable to the IRS!! Would have been 30% if he was not from the USA.

Biggest lottery wins are difficult to pinpoint as they are from the USA where not only is there tax to pay but the prize come only partly in cash, the rest being made up of anuities. The actual cash value can sometimes be half of the headline number. The largest jackpot was $1.58 billion which was won by 3 tickets on 13th Jan 2016, the actual cash value of each ticket was $328m. The largest single jackpot win was $1.54 billion but with a cash value of $878m on 23rd Oct 2018.

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