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Odds of Winning the EuroMillions

Many people dip into the lottery occasionally when the jackpots get high whilst others play every draw with the same numbers. Its the most popular form of gambling in the world in terms of the number of people playing it.

How to Play
This is a two part selection lottery with 13 different prize levels (see table below). You select 5 numbers from between 1 and 50 - the Main Numbers - and 2 numbers from between 1 and 12 - the Lucky Stars. You can buy tickets in shops or online and the draw takes place Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 CET in Paris.

Who Can Play
The name implies that this lottery is all over Europe but it is a very Western Europe phenomenon with just the 9 countries of UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgiun, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. You can also play if you are in Andorra, overseas regions of France, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Anyone can buy a ticket online in other countries but getting paid if you win is difficult, so think carefully before doing so.

As with most lotteries the operators want headline news so big jackpots are encouraged. Which is why on 24th September 2016 the Lucky Stars went from 11 numbers to 12 numbers changing the odds of winning the jackpot from 117 million to 1 to 140 million to 1. The EuroMillions jackpot prize is capped at €190 million which is reached several times per year. This has led to the Biggest Lottery Winners in UK history being EuroMillions winners.

Here are the odds of winning the prizes and their expected payouts:
Odds % % of fund Win
2 0  1 in 22  4.57 18.25  €4 
2 1  1 in 49  2.03 14.85  €8 
1 2  1 in 188  0.53 4.95  €10 
3 0  1 in 314  0.32 3.50  €12 
3 1  1 in 706  0.14 1.85  €14 
2 2  1 in 985  0.10 1.75  €19 
4 0  1 in 13,811  0.0072 0.38  €58 
3 2  1 in 14,125  0.0071 0.67  €104 
4 1  1 in 31,075  0.0032 0.48  €164 
4 2  1 in 621,503  0.00016 0.45  €3,076 
5 0  1 in 3,107,515  0.000032 0.92  €31,448 
5 1  1 in 6,991,908  0.000014 3.95  €303,798 
5 2  1 in 139,838,160  0.00000072 43.2¹  Jackpot 
Reserve Fund       4.8²   
Overall    1 in 13  7.71 100   
(1) - 43.2% for EuroMillions Draws 1 to 6 inclusive in a roll series and then 27% for EuroMillions Draws from Draw number 7 to the last Draw in that roll series

(2) - EuroMillions Draw numbers 1 to 6 inclusive 4.8% and then 21% for EuroMillions Draw number 7 to the last Draw in that roll series.

A roll series ends when the Jackpot is won or after the fifth EuroMillions Draw in which the Jackpot is at the Jackpot cap level has taken place

Reserve Fund
For each EuroMillions Draw, a percentage of the Common Prize Fund will be added to a fund known as the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. It can be used to increase the value of the Jackpot, and increase the value of the Prize in any Prize category.

Super Draws
There are two types of Super Draw, Jackpot Guarantee Draw and Event Draw, which happen a few times per year where the operators have boosted the jackpot prize from the Reserve Fund. Jackpot Guarantee Draw is rolled over and added to the Jackpot Prize Fund for the next EuroMillions Draw if not won. Event Draw rolls down to the next Prize category, in the same EuroMillions Draw, where there is always a winner.

European Millionaire Maker Draw
The number of European Millionaire Maker Prizes available to be won will be advertised before the European Millionaire Maker Draw, and may change in each European Millionaire Maker Draw. There are normally 2 each draw in the UK. A Millionaire Maker code is automatically generated for each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased and consists of four letters and five numbers. All players of the UK version of EuroMillions are automatically entered into the UK Millionaire Maker draw. Across Europe the prize is €1 million but in the UK Camelot will convert the €1,000,000 into pounds sterling and then use the Rserve Fund to increase this to £1,000,000.

Other Big Lotteries
Throughout the year Camelot holds a £20m must win jackpot Lotto draw. These are the best value lotteries anywhere in the world.

Camelot can at any time increase the number of UK Millionaire Maker Prizes available to be won in a UK Millionaire Maker Draw – usually referred to as a “Super Raffle” – and/or the amount of a UK Millionaire Maker Prize.
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