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Here’s A Great Concept, A Free Lottery For Real Cash!

So, whilst having a look around the web recently I can across a new site called Free National Lotto, which I must say I was very impressed by, because it’s a free lottery, but the prizes were real cash. A great concept I think you’ll agree!.

I guess many people will think there’s obviously going to be a catch to this, the “you don’t get something for nothing” merchants, but if you have a read of the details on their site it’s all absolutely genuine, and here’s why.

How Is It Free?
It may seem odd that they give away money for free, but what they are doing is using ad revenue to fund the site rather than charging for a lottery ticket, like with traditional lotteries. This revenue comes in the form of banners on their site, and their offers section and there is absolutely no obligation to take any of the offers presented to you to enter the draws.

How To Sign Up
There is a very simply registration form on the homepage of the site where all you must do is pick your five numbers, enter your email and select a password and register. Once you have done that you will get an email to verify you are a real person with a real email account, and once you’re verified you will automatically be entered for their two draws, both of which us the five numbers you selected when signing up. And, if you want to change those five numbers at any time, you can do that in your account.

What Are The Draws?
There are two draws at Free National Lotto. The first draw is called the rather obvious Daily Draw where as the name suggests the numbers are drawn every day and the winning numbers are selected from all the sets of five numbers entered by the site’s users, which means there is always a guaranteed winner. The second draw is called the 5 Ball Draw where a random number generator is used to select the winning numbers so the odds are a lot longer, but the jackpot is a lot bigger.

How To Claim Your Prize
To claim your prize, you just need to go back to the site each day to check whether you have won, and if you have you will get displayed a button that says, ‘Collect Prize’. Just press that button and you will automatically be paid your winnings via PayPal using the email you have registered to the account. If you don’t have a PayPal account already you will get an email with instructions on how to get your money.

Countries You Can Play From
Essentially you can play in any country where PayPal is available and you can receive your money if you win.

Final Thoughts
So, whilst we were slightly sceptical on first visit, the site is both legitimate and very engaging. To spend just 5 minutes a day checking whether you have won some free money seems like a good idea to me!
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