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7 tips to boost your Lottery game

Lotto ticket
Always wanted to know how to boost your chances of winning the lottery? You might think that there’s some secret or trick that can make you a lottery winner. But, the truth is that there isn’t. It’s just luck that can turn you into a Euromillions winner. Though, according to experts and lottery winners there are a few things that can increase your chances. Here they are:

1. You can combine your money with other players! This is called lottery syndicate. You’ll have more numbers and more tickets, but of course you have to share the prize as well. But it is better to share a 100 million jackpot with a couple of others than win nothing on your own, right?

2. Do not pick consecutive numbers. Players are often lazy when selecting numbers and there are tens of thousands of tickets starting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 along with many other strings. They have the same chance of winning but when they do you will be sharing your prize with thousands of people, turning a jackpot into a prize that might but you a car. Also don’t choose numbers that are all from the same number group or end with the same digit. Again many others are doing this.

3. Play less popular lotteries. They have fewer players thus less competition. Better chances of winning! Eurojackpot is an example of a less popular lottery. They have smaller prizes but better odds. Would you rather for example have a 5% chance of winning 2 million than 0,5% chance of winning 20 million?

4. A lot of people choose certain dates for their numbers to play with. For example a birthday. This means that the numbers between 1 and 31 are chosen a lot. Choose a higher number. It will not increase your odds but will decrease the change of sharing your prize with others.

5. Look out for odd things like raffle tickets that come free with your lottery ticket. Some lotteries pay X number of raffle prizes every draw but some draws have fewer tickets sold by a big margin. For instance mid-week draws have significantly fewer players but the same number of raffle prizes, so play then.

6. Look out for forced payouts. Many lotteries have an upper limit to the jackpot and when reached it must payout, meaning if no one gets the jackpot then the money rolls down to the next level where there are much greater chances of winning.

7. If you are a casual player then wait for the special event days where there are added prizes. This happens at Christmas, New Year and other specials where your chances of picking up a big prize increase a lot.

So, that’s it. No dark secret, just some small tricks to increase your chance. Now what are you waiting for? Go and play the lottery. Maybe this time you’ll end up winning!
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