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01/10/2007 No. 44
he Guardian G2 Poker Column
Victoria Coren
Monday Oct 1, 2007

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Last year's London EPT ended for me after four long days, with a crystal trophy, a £500,000 cheque and the title of European Poker Champion. This year, it ended with a misdeal on level three.

I was down to 3,000 in chips (blinds 100-200), after losing a nasty couple of hands with 1010 and AK. When a serial raiser made it 600 to go, I moved all in with AJ. "Call," said the button, throwing in 600.

When my reraise was pointed out to him, he started shouting that he hadn't seen it and didn't want to call after all. During the commotion, it became clear that the big blind had no cards. He had simply been dealt out. The button now shrieked that it was a misdeal and a dead hand. The big blind shouted his agreement, having been obliged to put money in but not receiving cards in return. The floor was called, and the ruling was that action had been taken so all bets must stand. The button looked near to tears - making it terribly easy, of course, for the original raiser to move in over the top.

The tearful button was obliged to call for the pot odds . . . and rolled over two queens! What was all the fuss about? I wish I had his problems. The original raiser had AK, and the A came down to knock us both out. I could hardly sympathise with the button; had he masked his emotions, the raiser (looking at a big reraise and a scary flat call) might well have mucked his AK, and we'd both still be in the tournament.

There are two lessons in this clownish farce. One is that you must never make it obvious which way you want a ruling to go. And the other is that it's bloody hard to win the same tournament twice.

Your can read more byAnthony Holden at his website
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