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28/05/2007 No. 27
he Guardian G2 Poker Column
Victoria Coren
Monday May 28, 2007

On one side of the table: Greg Raymer, 2004 world champion of poker. On the other side: my brother Giles. Ha! The world champ stood no chance.

Raymer was a mere obstacle to be batted away - as were WPT and EPT winner Roland de Wolfe, the current European poker champion (me), and a 66-strong field including top celebrity players Michael Greco and Tony Cascarino - on my brother's inexorable march to £7,000 victory in the Shane Warne invitational poker tournament at the Sportsman Casino last week.

It was a salutary lesson in the eternal value of old-school poker. Giles taught me to play, years ago, then ducked out of the game. He missed the revolution. He doesn't watch poker on TV, he doesn't play online, and he's never faced a Scandinavian opponent. He is oblivious to the new, super-aggressive, all-in style. To my brother, AK is no pair. Small suited connectors offer good value if he can get in cheap to a multi-way pot; they're not an excuse to make a massive, bluffing reraise in a "squeeze situation". His result was a resounding victory for the old principles of craftiness, caution, keeping the pots small, making major decisions after cards.

In one key hand, on the final table, he limped early with AJ. The button called and the big blind went all in. Giles flat-called, inducing the button to call behind. Giles finally moved in on a flop of A82, and the button called with A9. Of course he did! This young, aggressive, post-revolution player could not put Giles on AJ after that gentle pre-flop play. He was bamboozled by a style of poker he had never seen.

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