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20/08/2007 No. 38
he Guardian G2 Poker Column
Victoria Coren
Monday Aug 20, 2007

As Texas hold 'em grows ever more mainstream, the other variants in the Horse range (Omaha, razz, seven stud high-low and eight-or-better Omaha) grow ever more cool. But now poker is so fashionable, its trends move quicker than a model who's just done a gram of coke and spotted Russell Brand at the end of the catwalk. If you're a true fashionista, you will already consider Horse old hat. We ran through its elements three months ago: in fashion time, that's an aeon.


So how about mixing it up some more? Here's an easy way to jazz up a seven stud high-low game: play it as "Superstud". You will remember that all seven stud games begin with each player being dealt two cards face down and one face up. In Superstud, players are each dealt an initial five down cards. Each player then creates his own three-card starting hand by throwing two away, turning one face up and continuing to play as if it were "traditional" seven stud high-low.

A disciplined player will always benefit from the temptation of others. The more reasons your opponents have to stay in action, the better it is for you. With five initial cards to choose from, four more to come and two ways to win the pot, how can they resist?

In their opening five cards, they are bound to find a pair and get excited. Meanwhile, you should be super-selective, waiting for strong starting hands and picking three cards that "go both ways". If you have AQQ23, throw the queens away and keep the hand that could become a nut low and a straight. Your high-low rules - avoid the pitfalls of pairs and middling cards - remain the same as ever. But your opponents have even more opportunity to make mistakes.

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