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19/02/2007 No. 14
he Guardian G2 Poker Column
Victoria Coren
Monday February 19, 2007

Thanks so much for all your nickname suggestions. I explained last week that I had been instructed to get one for a forthcoming TV tournament. The Poker Premier League is a worryingly high-calibre event, in which my opponents already rejoice in the terrifying names of "Devilfish", "the Razor", "the Monk", "the Cowboy", "the Mouth From Down Under", "the Poker Brat" and "Kirill Gerasimov".

I didn't want my own nickname to be scary or bombastic, as that isn't really my playing style. So I decided against all the kind variations on "Queen Victoria", "Victorious" and "Victrix", as well as the alarming "Coren the Barbarian". I was tempted by "the Nutcracker", but it still seemed a little overconfident.

Neither did I want anything sexy. That's far too risky as the years go by; nicknames can stick around like tattoos, and look equally unwise with wrinkles. I had to nix "the Vixen" and all versions of "Top Pair", "Nice Pair" and "Big Pair" (thanks anyway). But the suggestion "Queen Kong", I felt, was a little too far the other way. I did laugh out loud at the Poker Cynic's email ("Call Girl would be ideal, but is bound to get misinterpreted"), before reluctantly deciding not to risk it.

Variants on a writing theme ("the Scribbler", "the Hack" and, indeed, "the Guardian") were nice but rather serious - and "the Obituarist" was far too sinister.

My favourite email came from a woman who had read about the London EPT, where I played the final like a tipsy idiot until friends snatched away my glass of wine and replaced it with tea. Her suggestion was sweet and slightly silly, very British, and reminds me of both a lucky poker victory and the much loved support team at my home casino. So, for the duration of the Poker Premier League, I shall be Vicky "Teacup" Coren. Cheers! .

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