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New online Casino Games

Multi Wheel Roulette
For action gamers who like it fast and furious the new roulette game in town features 8 spinning wheels that play your bets simultaneously. There is nothing tricky about this game, the odds have not changed and all the outside and inside bets are all the same.

The only difference in this game, which is widely available, is that your bets will be placed on 8 tables at once. So if you play 5 numbers you are placing 8 times 5 bets, or 40 bets in total. All eight wheels are visible as they spin and they come to a stop with the ball landing pretty much at the same time. Each wheel will enlarge to show the result in turn and then up to eight dollys will appear on the layout to indicate the winning numbers. Should a number have come up more than once then the dolly will have a star on the top of it.

There is not much point playing low variance bets like Red or Black on a multi-wheel game as you'll just give the house multiple ways of using their house edge when you have little chance to be a long way ahead. But if you are playing a system with single numbers, like 29 and neighbours, for a short period of time then this can speed up your visit. This might just suit a 5 minute break that you have.

Remember if you go hunting for online casinos that offer this game to find the best value casino bonus when you sign up.
Blackjack Switch
"blackjack 8" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  "Themeplus" 
Blackjack Switch
This game is much like regular Blackjack with a few major differences. Firstly you must play at least two hands so that you can utilise the main feature of the game, namely switching the top cards of your two hands.

So using as an example offering a simple choice you might be presented with, you are dealt 10, 5 and 6, 10. Switching 5 with the 10 gives you 10, 10 and 6, 5, which is clearly much better.

This clearly makes your hands much stronger and the game isn't going to do this without some rule changes to keep the house edge. The most important changes are that the dealer does not bust with 22, instead the dealer's 22 ties with all hands except a Blackjack. Also a Blackjack is paid at even money and not three to two.

There is as you might expect a strategy chart as there is with traditional Blackjack. The strategy can be useful to take a look at as there are some stranger situations where the obvious may not be the correct play. For instance if you have a natural BJ and a weak hand like 10, 4, then you can switch to have an Ace, 4 and a 10, 10. This makes sense as a BJ only pays even money.

Do research before playing and be sensible with your bankroll. Best of luck.
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