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How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure is a variation of standard blackjack where both the dealers cards are exposed, hence the name. Now of course there are added rules to compensate for the obvious player gain from this variation. Don't let that put you off because when played well this game offers a low house edge, in fact one of the lowest.

Its not that common a game but it is played at a few big land casinos and even some online casinos, like Dublinbet, where you can pick up the Dublinbet bonus code when you join up.

The usual rules of blackjack apply except the following;

Both dealer cards are dealt face up
Dealer wins on ties except for Blackjacks
Blackjacks pay even money
Splits are limited to one
Dealer hits soft 17
There are some other rules which vary from casino to casino, even online. Sometimes you will see;

Tied Blackjacks winning for the player
No doubling after splitting
Can double on any first 2 cards
Can split more than once
Player prevented from splitting unlike 10s (like Jack and ten)
Depending on the rules you are playing the standard blackjack house edge is about 0.6%. So let see what the rule variations in this game does to the house edge for Double Exposure Blackjack.

If the dealer stands on soft 17 then you gain 0.4%.
If you can double after splitting then you gain 0.32%.
If your tied Blackjack wins then you gain 0.22%.

Split only once -0.7%
Double only 9, 10 and eleven (no soft totals) -1%

So a typical game of 8 decks, dealer stands on soft 17, double only 9, 10 and 11, split once only, can double after split and Blackjack ties win gives the house edge of 0.7%. So the game is quite close to a typical 8 deck blackjack game. But when you find this game and want to play check that those three Gain options are actually there otherwise you are playing quite a tough game percentage.

Major Play Differences
There are some obvious plays in this variation that you will never make in standard blackjack. If you have 20 and the dealer has 20 you must take a card. For hard totals that means you are trying to hit an Ace only but you automatically lose if you don't hit.

Also there are situations you will not have come across before, like hard totals of 12 and upwards against soft 16. Surprisingly you do exactly what you do if the dealer has hard 16, not that that occurs in regular BJ, stand on all of them.

This is a fun change from the regular game so treat just as that and don't get carried away. There will be many new situations which you'll have to think about which is a nice change.
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