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Why The UK Gambling Market is The Most Competitive In The World

A simpe search on the internet for online bookmakers, casinos, slots or any other sort of gambling activity will result in you seeing a vast series of results. If you then restrict this to just UK results you will get the message returned that there are more than 400 million results for just one of the basic querries. Is this because the UK player base is bigger and has a greater gambling spend than any other country? No. The answer lies in the constant fight to be licensed by creditable organisations to carry out gambling activity within the borders of nations all around the world.
UKGC License
The top desire for all the internet operators in the world is to get a UKGC license to operate in the UK and to have UK citizens be able to access their offerings without breaching the remote operators regulations. Being able to meet the requirements of the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) is a higher bar than any other regulatory body in the world and so getting a license from them almost ensures you are able to get a license anywhere in the world. It does also mean that online casinos regulated for the best interest of UK casinos players makes the world of digital gambling safer for all the players in countries everywhere.
Premier League
More importantly than just getting a license is the sponsorship money these gambling operators have to spend. No sport gets more global coverage than the English Premier League football and you can only advertise gambling operators on shirts in the UK that have a UKGC license. Very recently the clubs Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur have had to pull out of sponsorship deals with an African betting partner at their own cost of breaching the contract, because the operator was found not to have a UKGC license to operate within the UK.
Super Saturation
Despite the obvious money on show from the big spending sports sponsorship by gambling operators the UK gambling market is so full of choice that making a profit in the UK is very difficult unless you are a big established name or you have larger worldwide interests that can support you. The recent disappearance of names like BetBright and 188bet are just the early signs that others will also show of the very difficult trading environment they all experience within the boundaries of the UK. Both these companies spent a large amount of their startup budgets on advertising the best prices and give-aways around and they could not get sufficient market share to keep going.
UKGC License conditions prevail
Luckily for the customers of the aforementioned operators that went out of business, those companies had had to adhere to the conditions laid out by the UKGC and therefore were in a sufficiently strong finanical position to honour all the deposits and anti-post bets that the customers had lodeged with them. Although some players long-term bets were settled early there were no casualties where players lost any of their money. This degree of protection can not be said for operators outside of the regulatory reach of the UKGC and anyone thinking of gambling online should have licensing as their very first test of where to deposit their hard earned money. Check the UKGC register for your gambling operators license.
UKGC Future
Whilst we are here we welcome the actions taken by the UKGC so far in preventing less than safe people operating within the UK, they still have much more to do. So easy is it for sports books to ban good gamblers and trawl the ocean of punters for weak individuals that they can ruin the lives of without real penalties, like going to prison. Their powers (the UKGC) need to increase and they need to get tougher.
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