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Why No Wagering Casinos Are For You

The term “wagering” is a bit old fashioned and if your first language is not English you probably are not wiser after looking it up online. You have to wonder why they don't just say betting or gambling. The reason is to keep away from those terms which might trigger attention from regulatory bodies and at the same time avoiding saying you are getting something for nothing. So basically “no wagering casinos” means a place where they are offering you a bonus or bonuses without asking you to place any qualifying bets to get it.

The Beginning of Online Casinos

Back in the early days of online casinos many operators tempted players by “free” bonuses just for signing up and even extra bonuses for re-loading. Sure they new that people could take advantage of this but it was a brave new world with few regulations and it was expanding very quickly. As competition grew and expansion inevitably slowed there arrived many a website telling players how and where to sign-up and manipulate the system to get a few extra pounds or dollars. Even though many thousands of people did this it really did not hurt the operators, but they got greedy and terminated these genuine offers. That was the era of “free” money.

The End Of Free Money

At the end of that era a new one was born, which still continues today, where online casinos have very serious terms and conditions attached to their bonus offers. These conditions are often so ridiculous, and in many cases not understandable, that these offers were and are very costly to the players. In fact you are offered money just for signing up but then if you follow the rules to get your extra £10 or $10 it will cost you much more than that to to so. Conditions like those offered even by operators who occupy mainstream TV channels of a night time that say you have to gamble your bonus 99 times to get it. It doesn't take a genius to see these are not bonuses at all, but merely traps to encourage the unwary into spending more money than they can afford.

Beginning of No Wagering Casinos

With the online casino market super-saturated and the ability for any new operator to get a good customer base very slim, it had become apparent that they had to compete with offers to attract player's attention and their money, especially if they are looking to sign-up for a new account. This is where enterprising online casino operators have brought back some of the free money bonuses that existed many years ago. So it will pay you real money to seek out those offering “no wagering” on their sign-up offers and there are even review sites that specialise in this.

Read the small print carefully

Its not going to surprise you to learn that some operators are willing to bend the rules and advertise no wagering bonuses or "no risk" money when in actual fact there are details in the small print that make it impossible to get the free money. These types of businesses are very likely not to be registered as a license holder with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission so you probably don't want to be playing with them in the first place. If they do have a UKGC license then you can simply report those false advertising terms to the UKGC and trouble for them will follow.

Don't Get Greedy

With the genuine online casinos offering real no-wagering bonuses they still have fair play rules. If you engage in tricks just to get your bonus then it will not get paid to you and you could infact forfeit any real money you may have deposited with them. Once again read the fine print because it will state this along with playing no risk bets or low margin betting like betting both Red and Black on the roulette wheel at the same time. Also people have tried teaming up and so one plays Red and the other Black, but they, the operators, are looking for this (and might not see it). Even more devious is to find another casino using the same software and actually play at two casinos at once but on the same roulette table. Really? Its not worth it and they can do what it says in their conditions when you sign-up to them, and take your deposit away.

Future Growth of No Wagering Casinos

The good news for players is that the regulatory authorities are getting tougher on gambling operators, especially any that want to take money from UK citizens. And the big boys all want to get a UKGC license because otherwise they can not get their sponsorship money to reward them with in-your-face adverts associated with sports sponsorship. The advertising of bonuses that come with extensive betting requirements will soon fall foul of the Advertising Standards Authority who can highlight breeches of their rules to the UKGC. The Competitions and Markets Authority is conducting continuous investigations on the fairness of so-called “free bets” and has forced three leading firms to change their policy. Slowly the outrageous traps of so-called “free money bonuses” will disappear from the UK market, but not those eslewhere probably for ever.
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