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What are the Different Types of Roulette Bets?

When it comes to casino games, none are more classic than roulette. Mention a casino to someone, and the first image that comes into their mind is, no doubt, a casino wheel spinning, and as such, it is instantly recognisable to everyone. But exactly how does the betting work when it comes to roulette and what are the different types of bets that you can place? explains it all.

The Straight Up Bet

This is one of the most simple bets in roulette, you pick a number, place all your money on it, and if it comes in, then you win big. The payout for such a bet is 35/1 so if your number comes in then you will have made big money. With thirty-six numbers, as well as a single zero for European Roulette, or a single and double zero for an American Roulette wheel, then your chances of picking correctly are the smallest, but it can’t be denied that if it came up, it would be amazing.

The Split Bet

The split bet is similar to the straight-up bet, except that you are betting on two adjacent numbers on the table. You simply drop your chips straddling the line between the two numbers and your bet is split between those two, so if either of them come in, you win.

The Street Bet

This is a bet across three different numbers and is placed by placing your chips on the end of the line that contains your three numbers, again if any of the three come in you win, your odds are reduced accordingly though, so you will get less of a payout.

The Corner Bet

The corner bet adds yet another number to mix, and lets you split your bet between four numbers on the table, you place this bet by placing your chips on the intersection of the four corners of the numbers (hence the name) and then if any of those four come up you win.

The Double Street Bet

This is also known as the Six-Line Bet. This is a bet on six different numbers and is done by placing your chips on the line between two different street bets on the table. This covers you for the six numbers on the two adjacent streets. If any are spun, then you win.

The High-Low Bet

This is a bet on either the high numbers 19-36 or the low numbers 1-18, with any number in that range being spun makes you a winner. This is a classic double up bet paying 2/1. Simply place your chips on the word high or low.

The Red-Black Bet

This is the one that everyone has heard about. Each number on the wheel has a colour, red or black, and with this bet, you are betting on the colour of the number being spun. Again this pays 2/1 and is an easy bet for first-timers.

The Odd-Even Bet

As the name suggests, here you are betting whether the number spun is odd or even, simply place your chips on the name and away you go.
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