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What are No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

Online casinos try many methods to get you to be one of their customers. The most common marketing ploy is the deposit bonus where the operator adds an amount of money to your account that is equal or larger than you deposit up to quite large amounts. Some in the four figure range. These are very tricky things because the terms and conditions are very complex and most of the time so complicated and one sided in the favour of the operator that you may end up losing money in the process of qualifying for the terms and conditions. But is there a way of getting free money to play without depositing any of your own? Well yes.

To qualify as a No Deposit Bonus it must be exactly that, you don't have to part with any money of your own and crucially you are able to withdraw any winnings without barriers put on doing that. There are many many site operators with these bonuses but they tend have them hidden away so its really useful to use the no deposit bonus website to find out where they are.

Players have to be new to the site, not had an account with that operator before and if the operator has more that one brand you can only get the bonus at one of them. Two different people using the same home address or IP address can not both take a no deposit bonus with the same operator.

Terms and Conditions
Now casinos are not in the habbit of giving away money without reason and all these bonuses come with restrictions, some better than others. The good news for players is that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is getting aggressive with operators that it licences and is forcing them to make the T&Cs clear and fair. This process is ongoing.

Basic T&Cs
There are some websites that offer really simple conditions to get your money like Grosvenor. You have to be a member of one of their clubs but as they are nearly everywhere in the UK then that is a free sign-up if you are not already with them. The basic bonus condition here, which is the type you are looking for, is sign-up online, no card details necessary and money will appear in your account, in this case £20. You have to wager that amount once and then anything in your account can be withdrawn or played with. Nice and simple.

Free Chips
Some sites will give you chips to play with but release some of them each day so that you have to play 3 days in a row and only one chip at a time on roulette. If you don't claim the chips on a day they will expire. Once you have played your chips you must then wager them once and anything left will be real money to do anything with. Betfair is an example of this type of bonus.

Multiple Wagering Requirements
This is the least attractive sort of bonus but nevertheless it is still free. You will see in the small print of the T&Cs that you have to wager 30 or even 50 times the bonus amount to turn it into real money that you could withdraw. 888 and 32Red are examples. There is a slim chance that you will have money left from your bonus but it is still a free shot at it.

We reserve the right.....
In many terms and conditions there will be a clause that says the operator can basically decide to do whatever they like with your bonus play. This of course contrary to UK law where your basic rights can not b signed away and so if you think you have a dispute where you have been wronged then set about complaining as if it were your real money.
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