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Wales and the rising interest in online entertainment

In the last few years in Wales the passion for slot machines and gaming tables has shown a steady increase. This applies both to the number of enthusiasts and to the expense each of them faces each month for this type of activity. On the other hand it must also be pointed out that the real increase is only in online gaming, while instead local realities, such as the old traditional casinos, are not going so well.

Online gambling

We are talking about a world that in Wales is, in some ways, a novelty. Until a few years ago it was among the last countries regarding the daily use of the net, especially if we looked at the age groups that exceeded 45-55 years. Today things have changed, the position in the ranking of European states by number of residents who use the network regularly has grown drastically: more than 60% of Welsh people use Internet at home, or with their smartphone. The increase in the last 5 years has been incredible, thanks also to the enormous spread of new generation smartphones, which allow access to the network without having a wired connection.

The reality seen from a little further away

Wales can be a little cut off from the rest of the UK in many aspects, but there is a sustained growth in their interest in casino sites online. The expense in gambling has increase, but what is surprising is that not all sectors are going the same way. On one hand we have the best online casinos and online betting sites that receive new customers every day, on the other hand traditional casinos or poker rooms which showed a slight decline in revenue in 2018. Therefore, the implementation of the use of the internet is bringing important changes to the daily behavior of the Welsh. Today more and more people prefer to carry out normal daily activities taking advantage of the proposals that the Internet guarantees us.

How to play online

It should also be pointed out that access to online gaming is much simpler and more immediate than traditional methods. First of all, you don't have to leave the comfort of your house, so even those who are tired from the long day at work or simply don't want to go out to go to the betting room or the racing hall can play. In addition, many sites allow you to take advantage of interesting bonuses, which allow you to get free money for your bets. The offer of gaming tables, slot machines and various skill games is very wide: no traditional gambling hall can offer so many opportunities, especially on a weekday. Today then many sites allow their customers to access gaming tables or sports bets through convenient smartphone apps and you can find new uk casinos at In the practice it is not even necessary to have a computer, desktop or portable, just a smartphone or a tablet.

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