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Step by Step Guide to finding the
best online Gambling site

With many thousands of online gambling sites to choose from you might be tempted to click on the highest placed link in your search results only to find that there is a hidden reason it is paying google to be at the top of the list. You could of course do extra research by looking at individual reviews or pick the site with the biggest headline bonuses, but there are pitfalls everywhere. Luckily there are a few simple steps you can take that will not only ease your journey but ensure you are safe as well.

1. Check the License.
Before you transfer any money into a gambling account you should check that the organisation you plan to gamble with is licensed by the Gambling Commission or at least one of the regulatory bodies around the world. Licensed gamblnig businesses must display that they are licensed and provide a link a license register to see what type of gambling they are allowed to offer and in the case of the UK Gambling Commission, any action that might have been taken against them.

Whilst the UKGC is the foremost authority in the world there are other authorities around the world that might be closer to where you live or others that license around the world like the Nevada Gaming Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Alderney, Gibralter, New Jersey and the Isle of Man among others.

2. Review platforms
To get a quick snap-shot of what is on offer use a site like that displays what is on offer at each gambling portal often in a better way than the site itself. They'll provide you with an overview of the top sites around making you aware of what is out there and what they have to offer. You wil get a selected list related to the many different catagories like Bingo, Casino, Poker, Slots or Mobile as each provider is better or worse in the different disciplines.

3. Introductory Offers or Bonuses
This is a key area to pay attention to. It may not seem like a risk but agreeing to some terms and conditions for supposedly free money will actually cost you money. Most important is to check the minimum spend level, or how much you have to gamble before any bonus offer is paid. If a site if offering you a free £/$100 if you deposit £/$100 but you have to gamble 100 times your deposit before it is paid to you then simply either do not sign-up or if you do, then do not agree to the bonus. You are much more likely to lose way more than your deposit to earn the bonus and this is just a trap.

If you see unfair bonus conditions then check who has licensed the operator and email them with a report of what is being offered.

4. Preferred Payment types
It might seem that not all payment types are going to be the same because a payment vendor like Paypal will offer you insurance against your money being stolen. This is not the case, no payment service offers insurance for deposits to online gambling sites. What is true is that many people will prefer an alternative payment route like Bango so that these entries do not appear on their regular bank account statements. There are lots of reasons you might prefer this, for instance, you don't want your partner to find out. But we do not recommend that you hide your gambling from others but merely to keep it separate so that you have an accurate record and you know exactly how much you are spending on gambling.

5. Beware sites offering gambling help.
Its not obvious as it seems that there are lots of good people offering help to problem gamblers. This is true but there are also those who prey on vulnerable people and attempt to emotionally blackmail family or friends into paying large amounts of money for treatment for the person who needs it. Only trust those places recommended by your countries National Health Service, like help for problem gamblers from the NHS.
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