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Popular Side Bets And How To Win On It

One of the many reasons why people enjoy playing Baccarat is because it’s easy just like any other card games. The game is based on chance, which requires no strategizing and thoughts versus simple heads or tails game.

However, without critical maneuvering involve, things can be bland. But you don’t have to worry because a game developer’s skill to have new ideas is infinite just like the universe. They can come up easily with innovations to make the products diverse.

Side bets are awesome flair to the simple games. This is often offered at both the online and land-based casinos. Here are some of the most popular side bets:

Bellagio Match

This is a side bet on three of a kind and the mode is multi-player. This features an animated dealer available at casino online The payout of the game is 75:1 for three-of-a-kind players. It has a house edge of 5.27%. Meanwhile, the banker has a 68:1 ratio with 8.57% house edge.

3-Card Six

This side bet is available at many online and land-based casinos. If both the banker and the player gets a 6 hand and 3 cards, you can get a 100:1 payout. Meanwhile, you will only get 8:1 if only one hand does it. For this game, the house edge is at 13.7%.

Lucky Bonus

This is a side bet which can be offered as commission-free in various casinos. This is a winning six and considered as a wager on the Banker’s hand. With this side bet, it gives a player an advantage of 2.43%. You cannot put a wager which is more than 10% of the bet of the banker. It is one of the side bets that have the most RTP which is player-friendly. The banker and house edge between it is at 1.11%. Meanwhile, the payout for this is 18:1.

Super 6

You can put a bet on this in some land-based casinos in the United Kingdom and live online casinos. If the winning banker hand is 6 in total, then it can pay 12:1. This is considered as a side bet with the biggest house edge. It offers a payout of 29.98%


The 4-5-6 is a side bet which is available in Atlantic City. On the overall value of each hand, there can be 3 bets available. 5 and 6 can pay 2:1 while 4 pays 3:2.

Royal Match

The Royal Match is a side bet which is offered in various casinos at London. You can wager it on both the Banker and player when you draw a Queen or King in the first two cards. This has a player-friendly house edge of 2.13%. The payout available is 75:1 which is suited for King and Queen. For non-suited, the payout is 30:1.

Dragon 7

Dragon 7 is popular among the Chinese customers and you can find it in casino online When the banker gets a winning 3-card or 7, the dragon 7 will appear. It has a payout of 40:1. The side bet will increase the house edge up to 7.61%. However, the game does not enable a banker’s commission.
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