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New Casinos With New Games Of Roulette

New casinos are coming online constantly and so long as they have the link on their front page to their license over at the UKGC website you can be sure that both the operator and the software provider have been through the safety checks that make it safe for you to deposit your money and play. So whenever you go searching and discover Mobile Casino Kings - New Casinos, that link is all you need to look for to be safe. What perhaps players are not aware of is that getting a UKGC license not restrict the operator in what games they offer, or rules, so long as they are clearly displayed along with the house edge.

This means that the canny casinos are constantly bringing in new bets to what are very well established staples of the casino room, like Roulette and Blackjack. Roulette is interesting as it is such a basic game that at first it does not seem easy to come up with new types of bet, but they have. Not only that but some have tried bringing in old ones likes Double-Zero roulette, common in US casinos. That sounds crazy and it is because they win less money with Double Zero roulette due the fact that people loose so quickly that they quit much earlier and do not come back.

Double Zero Roulette

Unbelievably the roulette game played with 38 numbers including Zero and Double Zero still exists in the world and has actually been tried briefly by casinos in the UK situated in places like Newcastle and Northampton. This was a short lived trial as no one would choose this unless they were new to the scene or mad. Still can be found online though so avoid because the house edge is 5.3% instead of the normal 2.7%. Just goes to show how poor casino management are at understanding the psychology of gamblers. They as the house simply do not win as much money with Double Zero roulette because players experiences are rarely good that they stop playing for ever. Avoid.

Double Action Roulette

One of the oldest names in the busines of roulette wheels, John Huxley (now TCS John Huxley), has come up with a roulette wheel with two sets of 37 numbers, one above the slots as normal, and one below. Players now have two layouts to place bets on but sneakily the old even-chance bets of Red or Black and the others have moved from a house edge of 1.4% to 5.33%. This is because both numbers above and below the winning slot have to match. This game is widely available online. Avoid.

Black & Odd, Red & Even

A simple addition to the outside bets was tried out at the bricks and mortar casino in Southend-on-Sea but has now appeared at some online. Very simply it is an addition of two boxes along the outside of the layout that indicate Black+Odd and Red+Even numbers. As there are 8 of each the payout odds have been selected as 3-1 which gives the house an 8.1% edge. Ouch. Best avoid.

Red Snake

Some places are calling it the Red Dragon probably for the oriental punter attraction but its been known in roulette players circles for decades. In fact in the good old days before the internet one of the rarer call bets was “Red Snake by five”. The explanation of this bet comes from looking at the roulette layout. The numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34 are all red and form a continuous pattern on the table like a snake. This is a fun bet and it comes with the standard house edge of 2.7% so its like any other number group bet in a standard game of roulette.

Check for a UKGC license.
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