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Live Blackjack vs Regular Online Blackjack
in the Real Money Arena

Today, blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos. With its basic rules , blackjack offers new gamers the perfect introduction to gambling. Even so, the origins of the game are unclear. Gambling scholars argue about who first played the game, however, most agree that it became popular in France in the 17 th century.

Known as “vingt-un”, which translates to “twenty-one”, this early form of blackjack bore many similarities to the current version. Often reputed to be one of Napoleon’s favorite card games, the game didn’t receive the name “Blackjack” until the early 20 th century. It was during this time that people would play the game illegally, before the relaxing of gambling laws allowed law-abiding citizens to partake as well.

Today, people can play blackjack in the traditional live setting or online from the comfort of their own homes. Each version of the game offers something a little different, so let’s take a look at how playing online in the real money arena differs from playing blackjack live.

Playing Blackjack Online
There are several ways to play blackjack online. You could download a casino mobile app to gain access to the game or just head to a website that offers blackjack games online. The core difference between playing online and playing live is the lack of distractions. The live arena often includes a host of other people playing alongside you. Further, you will need to deal with all of the noise that comes from playing in a casino. Couple that with the free drinks policies that many traditional casinos run and you increase the possibility of playing poorly and losing.

The Advantages
Online blackjack offers other advantages too. Most sites use software to randomize the drawing order of their decks. Several industry groups oversee the legitimacy of this software, so online players don’t have to worry about anybody fixing the cards against them. This means that the house edge in online blackjack is usually lower than the live version, which some argue increases your chances of winning. Couple that with the fact that online casinos can offer more variations on the game and it is unsurprising that online blackjack has gained popularity.

The Disadvantages
Of course, playing online means that you miss out on the traditional casino experience. Many players value playing alongside others with an actual dealer over the convenience of playing online. Beyond this, you may face some risk if you aren’t careful about which sites you choose to play on. The popularity of online gambling has resulted in a host of scam sites popping up. If you don’t do your research beforehand, you may find yourself the victim of scammers.
"Blackjack " (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Dave Stone 
Playing Blackjack Live
Live blackjack offers a completely different experience to playing online. Depending on the casino, you may find yourself surrounded by up to six other players. Where you sit also factors into your strategy, as you need to consider the cards drawn for other players when making your decisions. While this takes away the privacy of the online version, it does add another layer of strategy that those looking for a challenge will appreciate.

The Advantages
The presence of other players can offer you a distinct advantage. Most people who play blackjack live prefer to sit at the right-hand side of the table so they can see more of the draw. With more cards eliminated from the pack, you may find you can make smarter decisions for yourself. Further, you can feel more certain that the game is fair. You physically see the cards as they get drawn and can feel safe in the knowledge that the casino protects your money and winnings.

The Disadvantages
Away from the previously mentioned advantages of online blackjack, playing live comes with some disadvantages. Poor table positioning will affect your play. You may end up losing hands that you would have won due to having less information. Additionally, the extra layer of strategy could confuse new players. This is a real issue when on a table with experienced players. You may find yourself losing your money before you have even gotten into the swing of things

Playing Blackjack Live
It’s up to you to decide which is better between online and live blackjack. Weigh up the pros and cons of each to choose the game that’s right for you. On a final note, there is a middle ground. Many online casinos now offer live blackjack online. Using video streaming technology, you could play with a dealer from the comfort of your own home. You may face limits on the variations of the game that you can play. Still, playing live blackjack online allows you to speak to the dealer and more closely emulate the casino experience in your own home.
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