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Gambling Games and Game Making

These games allow players to win actual money. Such games are growing in popularity each and every day as the use of the internet and technology devices spreads to the furthest corners of the globe. Gambling game providers expect high profits from Africa and developing countries when cell phones and other technology has reached those remote areas of the world. Africa is a promising gambling market worth billions. Online gambling sites and games companies are trying to enter new markets in countries where there is little or no online gambling restrictions. Due to the freedom to develop these gambling games they are sure to continue growing. But irresponsible gambling also becomes a risk.

Gaming in Advertising

Games are a powerful way of advertising products and services. Firms choose games that blend well with the nature of their business to advertise in that game. For example, a sporting brand like Jordan can advertise in a basketball game to capture basketball lovers and sports people at large. Due to improvements in video graphics, games are becoming more and more competitive to television adverts. FIFA 17, a football game that is popular on the PlayStation and Xbox has the same advertising screen around the pitch that actual football stadiums have. These are as powerful as the ones in an actual soccer stadium.

In Game Purchasing

The real money spinner which has the world in its sights, and not just gamblers, is In-Game purchasing. FIFA 17 might cost you $60 or equivalent in your local currency but short-cutting hundreds of hours of game play to achieve your dream team can be done by using real money in a full coin-based in-game economy. Simple calculations for the latest game shows that purchasing the Ultimate team with Messi, Suarez and Ronaldo comes to just over £500. Sounds ridiculous? Well ask Canadian Lance Perkins whose son racked up a credit card bill of Can$7,625.88 playing FIFA 16 last year. Microsoft happily took his money and declined any refund.

eSports increases game purchases

The rise of eSports has been rapid and paying to watch others play is huge business right now. All of the eSports games have their own internal economy with billions being spent. Now the major viewing channels, Twitch and YouTube, have game purchase links to broadcaster pages that allow viewers, who might just be watching to see how a game looks, to purchase the game on the spot.

Facebook joins in

Facebook has joined the eSports party by competing with Twitch, pairing up with the Hi-Rez studio to stream Paladins Premier League exclusively on the social media platform. Its a big gamble to take on the established Twitch but the scale of Facebook might just be enough to bring

Game Making and Development

The making and development of games is a system that brings together different technology experts. Gaming employs game developers to sound designers. The gaming industry has a high demand for animators, graphic designers, and 3D artists. Visit best online pokies Australia for an example. Marketing experts contribute much to the success of a developed game through advertising and distribution to the intended people. Game development technology is now available for independent game developers. Some independent game developers have not gone through any game development school. However, they are making great games. Musicians are also included in game development as they make songs relevant to the theme of a particular game.

Cryptocurrency comes to online Gamers

Skrilla Tokens aimed purely at eGamers will be launched on Oct 6, meaning people all around the world can enter contests and trade or buy with the same currency. There will be a finite number, just like bitcoin (trading at $4500 from $1 six years ago), so it will pay to get in early and if this thing takes off who knows where it will go in just a few years.
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