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Craps Strategy – How to Win at Craps

Craps is one of the most random casino games. Played with two dice whose outcome can be hardly predicted, it is very exciting and entertaining. A quick look at this list of casino sites and their game selections shows that it is quite popular as well.

However, alike any other casino game, it is advisable to have some general craps playing strategy that will help you win or, at least, control your losses. There are certain suggestions and tables that help players plan their games and maximise their chances of winning.

Best and Worst Bets

When playing craps, it is important that you identify the best and worst bets at your disposal. Obviously, pass line and don’t pass line bets are some of the best and give 50/50 chance of winning to players. Another bet that has a lower house advantage compared to other craps bets is betting against the line. It is good to know that taking the odds and laying the odds bets have a 0% house advantage; nevertheless, if players want to place bets on these fields they have to previously have placed the minimum bet amount on pass line or don’t pass line. Other smart moves you could make at the craps tables are place 6, place 8, buy 4 and buy 10 bets. Some of the worst craps bets to place are big 6, big round, hard way and field bets.

Several Betting Strategies

Craps fans have developed various efficient craps strategies over the years. The first one is the classic regression strategy whose main goal is to allow the player to profit on a single hit. This strategy advises players to place bets after a point is established. The bets should be placed on both 6 and 8 and then after a single hit the player should ask the dealer to go down one unit. Another popular strategy is winning with anything but seven. Once a point is established, the player places bets on 5, 6, 8 and on the field. This way, the player can earn $15-27 if the dices don’t land on seven for at least three consecutive rolls.

Craps Betting Systems

There are few betting systems that help players to control their losses and even win some good money while playing craps. The famous Martingale system can be used in this game as well; players bet on bets with 50/50 odds and double the betting amount after each loss. Other systems include the Iron Cross and twelve-dollar 6 and 8 betting system.

The Iron Cross system is also known as No Seven, and is considered extremely popular among players due to its efficiency and simplicity. Players using this system wait for a pass-line number to be established, and place a combination of two bets – one in the field, as well as wagers on 5, 6 and 8, ultimately covering everything but 7 and increasing their edge significantly. The latter, 6 and 8 betting system is even easier – you only bet on 6 and 8 as they are frequently rolled.
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