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Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling

Whether you like it or not, AI is being used all throughout the online gambling world. For many this is alarming, others embrace it whilst for most it goes unseen. So where is it?

Early in 2017 the latest incarnation of poker playing software from the boffins at Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh took on 4 top human players in a tournament known as Brains vs Artificial Intelligence at the Rivers Casino. This was an update to a previous event where the humans had narrowly won. This time they were thrashed.

Now this was a special event with the software not available to anyone to buy. But experience shows us that with many people developing these complex algorithms in a number of universities there will be those who can transfer them to powerful home computers to replicate the abilities. Its a sure bet that some of the millions of anonymous avatars out there are fronting smart bots.

Online Casinos
One of the new uses for AI in gambling is for the good of the players. If you ventured onto a site like Supergaminator online casino there would be nothing to tell you that something was watching over you. But with modern licensing authorities striving for ever more player protection the AI bots have a great role to play.
Gambling Online
One of the latest studies carried out by the University of London has shown great promise for the prevention of problem gamblers, or detecting those afflicted by ludomania (gambling addiction). Using sets of algorithms the software developers saw great results in positively identifying player characteristics that could be identified as pathological addiction to gambling even before the players knew themselves. This is great news as many online operators have failed miserably to detect these through other means.
Online Bookmakers
Moving in the other direction many online bookmakers have deployed AI to encourage players to think about more and different types of bet by offering their customers hints of what types of bets have been successful recently. These types of AI identify short term trends which have no basis in reality but tempt people by their apparant high rate of success.

Typical of these is to use the Amazon recommendation principle. So as if you were browsing Amazon and they suggest things you might want to buy, products like 'nextbet' suggest bets you might be interested in. The advertising slogan for this type of software is 'bettors want a reason to bet'. Live matches also get their own AI to generate live bet opportunities based on the current match status. Its likely that this type of software will be outlawed in the near future for good reasons.

Online Sports Betting
Several start-up business are now heralding the age of AI modelling of future and live sporting events like Stratagem. Their products have credibility problems as the markets have limited capacity and are very accurate, especially football and tennis where they mostly promote their products. This is bascially a subscription business model with emphasis on AI for marketing. If it were good enough to beat multiple markets simultaneously then there would be no need to sell the product to anybody.

Though this is a small market, with few people playing online for real money, it certainly has growth potential. Neural network AIs long ago became better than humans by some margin, an example being eXtreme Gammon. Fast real-time analysis gives the user an advantage over any player so make sure you playing a real person if money is involved.

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