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8 Things You’ll Need To Make It
As A Professional Gambler

There are many people out there who think that professional gambling and online betting for a living are easy. Those people have an image in their heads that just isn’t accurate. The truth is that online betting as a career requires just as much skill, dedication, and time as any other career does. It’s not possible for just anyone to succeed; you’ll need certain skills and qualities if you want to make it. Here are 8 things you’ll need to make it as a professional gambler.
1. Dedication
As with any other career - especially careers which double up as personal passions - you’ll need to be dedicated to become a professional gambler. It’s not easy to establish yourself in this world. You’ll need to create and stick to a successful strategy, adjusting it where it doesn’t work. There are many sports to trawl for successful bets, so there’s always work to do. If you’re not a dedicated gambler, it’ll show in your results, and there will always be competing interests who are much more dedicated.
2. A discerning eye
You won’t just be able to find a website and start gambling, especially if your chosen discipline is online slots. You’ll need to understand the difference between various sites - the payouts they’re offering, the different kinds of games they host, the welcome bonuses and play bonuses, and so on. There are resources like OnlineSlotsExpert out there which gather the various casino games and help you pick the one you’re best at, so you’ll have help. It’s still worth developing this skill yourself, though.
3. A successful strategy
No gambler ever made it in a professional capacity without a dependable and provably functional strategy. Simply making bets left and right without understanding the rhyme or reason behind them is the perfect way to get left behind in the world of online gambling. Whether it’s sports betting, online slots, or esports you’re interested in, you’ll need to observe trends, understand how they impact your bets, and change your betting behaviour accordingly.
4. An analytical eye
In order to craft a good strategy, you will need a good eye for observing trends and understanding small details. You won’t be able to notice how the performance of a certain team is changing over time unless you analyse the data. Similarly, you won’t be able to watch for small changes in players’ behaviour or team tactics without doing the appropriate research around the topic. If you understand how the game works and how trends are happening, you’ll bet more successfully.
5. A good tech setup
Believe it or not, the equipment a good online gambler uses is actually quite important. For most people, a reasonably powerful PC is fine - you’ll only need to run your internet browser and a few other applications, so a decent amount of RAM and a good processor are necessary, but you won’t need to overdo it. If you’re looking to go above and beyond, however - maybe you want to make a YouTube series about your success - then you’ll need something more powerful with lots of memory and a good graphics card.
6. Professionalism
It might sound obvious, but if you want to be a professional gambler, then a sense of professionalism is crucial. You should create a schedule and keep to it so that you don’t work during off hours. Keep your work and your personal life separate, and don’t let your gambling become a problem. Always maintain a professional distance from your work; after all, you are not your work, and a bad streak doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that your strategy is necessarily flawed.
7. Perseverance
During your time as a professional online betting expert, there will definitely be times when you want to give up. Your strategy might not work for a certain season or a particular esport when it has worked for others. This is not, however, the time when you should consider quitting. Perseverance is key for most things in life, but especially when it comes to gambling. Take a look at your strategy, adjust it, and see if there’s anything else you can change to up your chances of success. Just don’t quit.
8. A sense of fun
Gambling is exciting and tense. That feeling when you first see a bet pay out because of your hard work and forward planning is simply not replicable by anything else. You should try to maintain that feeling throughout your professional gambling career. If you find yourself flagging - if you don’t feel like you’re enjoying yourself as much as you used to - then it might be time to stop. While you’re having fun, a professional gambling career can be thrilling. When you’re not, it’s time to step away.
These are the 8 things we think you need if you want to get started as a professional gambler. Your mileage, of course, may vary, and you won’t necessarily find all of these tips useful. Still, this is a good place to start. We wish you all the best in your online betting career and we hope you found this article useful! Did we miss anything? Do you have anything to add?
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