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6 of the Biggest Las Vegas Myths: Busted

As I’m sure you would imagine, throughout the long and twisting history of Las Vegas, some questionable stuff has happened. You probably won’t be alone to also think that whilst a large proportion of the things you hear about Las Vegas aren’t true, there are many creepy stories that are actually true.

Movies, tall tales and even the casinos themselves have spread the word about the interesting history that Sin City has been a part of and has helped to mould the legend surrounding it. Did you know that a large proportion of people still actually believe that Las Vegas is run by the Mafia? And that they think the bigger casinos pump oxygen and other gasses on to the casino floors to keep people awake, alert and more importantly, gambling? This is probably why so many people play casino on Paddy Power as they don’t trust the big resorts.

If you want to know what is true and what is actually a tall tale, take part in our myth busting quiz below and be sure to let us know how you get on!
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