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Contingency plans for party rain-offs


You know what it’s like, you’ve got the whole three hours of your kid’s birthday planned down to the second. You may have invited the whole class over to play in the garden, but it’s going to be fine as the sun will shine and all the outdoor games and competitions you’ve got planned will run like clockwork. The party table is set up under the shade of a tree and you’ve got all the drinks, sandwiches, cupcakes and crisps ready for when the little tikes are worn out and need refuelling.

But, if the day of the big birthday comes and there are black clouds overhead, do you have a back-up plan in place for the possibility that you may just have to host the party of twenty inside your home? Unless you have some rain-off plans in place, those three hours of idyllic fun and running around the sunny garden could turn into a nightmare for you, as you try and protect your home from being demolished by some kids high on party spirits and sugar!

So, no matter how sure you are that the weather won’t let you down, it’s good to have some sitting down and concentrating games at the ready. One of the most popular games played today by people of all ages is online bingo. It doesn’t take long to play a round or two, and the chances of who will win is totally random, according to whether the numbers on your card are the ones called out for the game. Now while you don’t necessarily want the kids to be crowded round a PC for the online version, you can still get the traditional game of bingo in a box and have it at the ready as a party game backup.

Other games that are great for kids of all ages at a party include the memory game. This is where you have an array of objects on a tray covered with a cloth. Sit the kids in a circle and reveal what’s under the cloth for two minutes. They have two minutes to memorise everything there before the tray is taken away and an object secretly removed. The tray is brought back to the circle and the children have to work out what’s missing.

And when the kids need to burn off some energy, you can switch to some more energetic – but controlled games – like musical statues and balloon volleyball. This is really easy to set up – tie a string at knee height which will serve as the net. The balloon is the volleyball and players in two teams sit on either side of the ‘net’ using only their feet to kick the ball to the other team. If the balloon touches the ground a point goes to the opposing team and the team that gets 15 points first wins. This is a great game as a balloon can do very little damage, no matter how hard it is kicked.

While a rainy day party may not be what you hoped for, it’s still possible to have plenty of fun and keep the house in one piece – as long as you plan ahead!

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