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Make the most of a bingo bonus


When you first decide to play online bingo, you’ll quickly discover that you are spoilt for choice as there are so many different bingo sites to choose from. Not only are there dedicated bingo sites such as Cheeky Bingo or Wink Bingo, but there are also many sites such as Mirror Bingo and Paddy Power that host both bingo and casino games.

One thing all the sites have in common though is that they’ll have a tempting offer to get new players to sign up with them. These vary from site to site, but they all mean the same thing – free gaming credit for the new player. So how do you make the most of a bingo bonus?

Playing bingo games online is a little different from playing in a bingo hall. It’s possible to enter many games at once as you can pre-buy tickets and you don’t necessarily have to follow a game during the time it’s being played (although research suggests that marking them off yourself is good for your mental wellbeing!) Many sites do have software that takes care of the marking of matching numbers on your cards to those called out and you don’t need to mark them off manually. So it’s quite possible to buy some tickets and find out that you’ve won the next time you login to the site. Any wins will be logged automatically and the funds are placed into your account without you needing to do anything like notify the site of your win. As you don’t have to follow each individual game, you can also enter as many of the free games as you can, as it’s still possible to win cash on these.

Bingo games never cost much to enter, but if you want the bonus to last as long as possible, there’s an obvious choice. Play the games that cost only a penny at a time and you’ll get that much more fun out of a limited bonus fund than if you play the games that are 5p or 10p a time. While it’s tempting to play for the biggest jackpots, remember that these are the most popular games as well, so if you want to minimise having to share a potential prize, choose the less popular games which are played at quieter times during the day. Early mornings are a good example of times when fewer people are online, unlike evenings which tend to be peak playing times..

Although you could go to a number of sites and sign up for extra bingo bonuses, it may be wiser to play consistently at one site. In order to keep customers loyal, there are always new promotions that the sites run for their players to take advantage of. These could be re-deposit bonuses (when you introduce new funds to your account) or extra deposit bonuses on certain red letter days – such as your birthday. Always have a quick look at the promos tab to make sure you’re not missing out on a good special offer.

The game of bingo has always been good value – but with the tips above you could stretch the time your bingo bonus lasts and get even more value from this fun and simple game.

Of course here at The Good Gambling Guide we promote sensible, safe and secure gambling at all times. Knowing your limits and sticking to them is important and every site we mention will have details on their pages of help in your location should you need guidance or help. Should you be playing across borders, which is perfectly okay, a little search on the internet will give local contacts if you feel you need them.
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