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The differences between online and offline bingo

Bingo is a game that has been played through the centuries in one form or another, and its popularity is amazing considering how simple a game it actually is. But maybe that’s the biggest appeal of bingo – it’s a game that anyone can play, it doesn’t require any clever strategies as it’s purely down to luck whether the numbers on a player’s bingo cards will match those called out during the game before any other player’s do.

Since bingo went online, the number of players has skyrocketed, as it’s so easy to play and you can find a game to join within minutes at any number of different bingo sites. The fact that you can play at home, or anywhere you have internet access must also play a big part in the popularity of online bingo. There’s also the possibility of playing all the different varieties of bingo on one site, so you can play a mixture of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo whenever you feel like it. Click here for online bingo games information.

A first-time online bingo player will find a few differences between playing the game online or at a land-based bingo hall. For a start, on online bingo sites, you don’t need to pay such close attention to the number calls as the game software marks off any called numbers automatically, so there’s no danger of you missing out on a call and a potential win. In fact, you don’t even have to login to play a particular game if you have already purchased your tickets. They will be played through automatically and if you have a win it will be credited to your account. This means that you never need to miss out on playing a big jackpot game even if you don’t have the time to sit and watch it.

But the biggest difference with online bingo is that you are free to chat all the way through the games. There’s no need for hush as the numbers are called and many online bingo players see the games themselves as secondary to the main reason they are on the sites – to catch up with other players in the online bingo chat rooms! Chat rooms always have lots going on. There’s the general chat and gossip between players, but there are also chat games to play. These are often in the form of general knowledge questions where you can stand to win small cash prizes or free entry to other bingo games.

To know what’s going on in a bingo chat room, you’ll have to pick up a bit of the bingo lingo that everyone uses. But don’t worry it’s not difficult! You’ll quickly make sense of all the abbreviations that are flying around, like GLEV1 (Good Luck Everyone), 3TG (three numbers to go), or BBS (be back soon – to let other players know you’re leaving the keyboard for a while; not just ignoring them!) And it won’t be long before you’re bingo-lingo-ing as rapidly as the best of them!

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