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Are No Deposit Bingo Bonuses Worth It?


When it comes to finding the best bingo bonuses online many people are instinctively driven to the no deposit offers which are found in their droves at various sites. However, are they really worth going in for and do they provide any genuine value to players. Also, most importantly, do they give you any chance at all of winning real cash? The answers to all are discussed below!

So, first of all, the question that everyone wants answered – can no deposit offers provide a real cash return? The answer is “yes”, they can do. However, these cash prizes are likely to be very small and you will also have to wager a significant amount of cash before you can withdraw any of it – that’s if the given site you are playing at will even let you withdraw it at all.

There are some genuinely good offers going at the moment, such as at where you can sign up as a newbie and get 2 days access to their totally free bingo rooms from 10am to 11pm. This will give you the chance to win an 80 pound jackpot every day without depositing a penny, making it the best no deposit offer we’ve seen available for quite some time.

When it comes to the majority of other no deposit bonuses you’ll usually find the wagering requirements are there to stop the cash from being withdrawn without first having you deposit, making players buy X times the given value of a particular bonus. This can be as low as 2x the bonus to 20x and up.

If you’re just in it for the money we really don’t recommend going free bonus hunting as it just isn’t worth the effort. In fact the number of sites offering no deposit bonuses has declined recently, possibly due to the lack of real value they provide. Although this has been good in a way as it’s opening the doors for sites like who do give real prizes for free to get more coverage and have others jump on board with similar offers.

The real value here lies in taking the “free cash” to check out a site first. It gives players the opportunity to get a feel for a bingo website and see if they like it before they decide to go ahead and make a real cash deposit. There are various softwares used to power bingo sites and some may not be to your liking so the no deposit bonus will let you know this before spending any money. Some people also feel generally more at home at one site than at others which all depends on the community there and whether you strike up any friendships or find the chat hosts useful and friendly.

So, although no deposit bingo isn’t always as good as it might seem there are some positives, just don’t go expecting to walk away with a stack of cash from the freebies, as if this was the case all the companies displaying these offers would quickly go bust!
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