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Must Have Strategies For Playing Online Bingo

Playing online bingo is a pleasure growing in popularity. Although new hipster style real world venues are opening and bringing brand new players into the bingo world, the largest number of people trying bingo for the first time are those who already have online gambling accounts. Whether they are sports bettors or casino players, the statistics created by the government body responsible for regulation the gambling industry, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), shows that 80% of online gamblers will have a go at online bingo.

There are no secrets to bingo, no get rich strategies that will see your gambling balance grow whilst marking digital cards. There are however important steps that are very easy that will give you peace of mind and continued enjoyment.


Underestimating your online gaming safety is far too common when the urge takes you to part with money for some fresh bingo cards. Yet good safety is really easy to do because much of the hard work has already been done for you. All you have to do is check the home page of the online bingo website for a direct link to the operator's license. For instance many will have a license number displayed and a link straight to the UKGC webpage detailing what they are allowed to offer you. One click and a few seconds and you are done. This license ensures they and their software providers have been vetted for all number of security issues so you don't have.

No license, no play. Keep in mind though that there is no guarantee on you account balance should the company fall into administration, as with all online gambling companies.


Its very tempting to look for the biggest bonuses, especially top-up bonuses and sign-up bonuses. Don't be tempted by these without making an effort to read the terms and conditions which more than 90% of people (from the UKGC figures) fail to do. If the bonus conditions are that you must wager many times the amount you get in the bonus then do not accept it unless you really are going to spend a lot of time and money playing, and we don't recommend that.

If you shop around you can find simple bonus terms of just one or two multiples of the bonus and due to immense competition there are websites with no wagering requirements.

Guaranteed Prizes

If you're playing bingo games with guaranteed jackpots then it makes sense to play when there are the fewest number of other bingo players. This might be in the weekday mornings or afternoons. Sure the prizes might not be so big but your chances of winning will be much higher and you need to cash in sometimes otherwise bingo will become a bit depressing, a thing to avoid at all times when gambling.

Set Spending, Playing and Deposit Limits

All licensed sites are now required to ask you if you want to set limits. Take the opportunity to think about it sensibly and come up with a figure that will keep you safe. Of course you're going to be sensible most of the time but occasionally you might get tempted to chase loses or perhaps have a few too many drinks and get carried away. In those instances you will have protected yourself from excess. It might be disappointing to be prevented from adding more money so you can chase, but the in the cold light of day you will be happy that you did.

Along with strict deposit restrictions its best if you set yourself a play limit in terms of spending time and money. This is not like sports betting where there are fixed events that happen once a year. You will always be able to get into a bingo game any time of the day or night. Remind yourself of that and give yourself maximums that you stick to. There is always tomorrow. And never chase loses.

Play A Limited Number Of Cards

Some bingo operators will let you play as many cards as you want. Playing a large number of bingo cards at once will just give you the chance of missing numbers and although the chances of winning goes up, so does the cost. So by playing just a few cards you have better chances in the long run without making costly errors.

Get into The Bingo Chat Rooms

Part of the real world bingo hall ambience will always be gone when you're play online. But you can chat and banter with other online players whilst you're in between games and add some social element to the game and pick up some like-minded friends in doing so. All round its just better and healthier to add personal interaction into your gambling. Its healthier for the mind and the soul which is what you want to get back from spending some of your money.
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