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Get Into The Spirit Of Online Bingo

Bingo sites, especially in the UK, get bigger and better every year. There are new player sign-up bonuses, new bingo sites opening all the time, and online players to meet and share your day or night with.

Online bingo is super easy to play and fills up "idle time" like no other. It makes more sense to spend a bit of money for a chance to win big than to sit around aimless and bored.

Bingo itself has been around since the 1530's, and was officially known as the "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia". It was the very first Italian lottery, and the tradition is still alive and well today. Every Saturday, you'll find Italians gearing up to play bingo together for a chance to win the jackpot. 

Learn How To Play Online Bingo!

For first time players, it helps to know how to play before making your first deposit. Sure, you could sign up, start playing, and learn as you go, but that's no fun! Below is a quick introduction to the basics of online bingo! And there's lots of additional bingo knowledge you can find on the Internet to improve your chances of winning as well! Let's get right to it!

1. Sign Up For An Online Bingo Account - Most every online bingo site is pretty much the same. You fill out the registration page with your details and payment information; then you log in with your username and password to play..

2. 30, 75, 80, 90, And Coverall Bingo - These are the five main online bingo varieties you'll find at bingo sites. Bingo cards are referred to as "card faces", and you're limited only by your ability to keep track of the numbers being called. For example, if you've got four 90 ball bingo cards going at once, you may find that it's just too many numbers to scan at one time and that fewer cards would be more appropriate.

Coverall bingo, also known as "blackout bingo" requires that all the numbers on your card get called and that you place a mark on top of each one until you win. When your face card is completely covered, it resembles a complete "blackout", hence the name "blackout bingo".

3. There's 24/7 Access to The Bingo Sites - The Internet allows for 24/7, 365 access to all your favourite bingo sites. You can log in, deposit, and start playing anytime, day or night. There's never annoying strangers or dangerous "riff-raff" of the real world. Yep, online bingo is completely private and yours alone. Chances are the peace will give you the ability to keep track of more card faces at once (a better chance at winning, in other words). 

4. Socializing Between Games - If you become a regular of any bingo site, no doubt you'll notice that certain nicknames are playing quite frequently. You can exchange bingo tips and tricks, or talk about whatever you like. Most online bingo sites allow you to send messages back and forth, but you usually only see this being done AFTER a game is over or BEFORE one starts. During play, the numbers showing up on the "caller" keep coming pretty much non-stop.

5. Putting Your Financial Safety First - Just like any website where you're inputting sensitive financial data, you should exercise the utmost in caution. There are fake bingo websites out there that exist for the sole purpose of stealing your credit card information. So to be safe, see if you can find the bingo site you're considering on one of the bingo review sites available on the Web. If it's not listed anywhere at all, then steer clear of it.  

Bingo Sign up Bonuses Are the Hottest Thing Going!

With every new bingo site, their best bingo bonus gives you a great chance to win straight away! Most bingo sites out there have signup bonuses you can take advantage of to make the most of your bingo experience! 

200% Bonus On Your First Deposit and Free Bingo For A Week, is an excellent example of a first time sign up bonus. There are also new bingo sites No Deposit Required! Which is great, because sometimes players want to get the look and feel of a new website before deciding whether or not to make a deposit. 

And most people agree that bingo is best played every once in a while so that when you do play, your sign-up bonus will be big enough to put the odds in your favour! And if you only play during times of a bonus, no one can say that you're wasting your time. During the deposit bonus period, the odds winning are actually in YOUR favour.

Online Bingo - A Great Way to Pass the Time

If you're ever stuck somewhere waiting, you know how bad things can get when you've got nothing to do. Waiting where? And for what? Who knows. The point is, during long wait periods, it helps to have access to some new mobile bingo sites to keep you occupied. 

The old saying that "idle hands are the devil's plaything" is correct. When people sit around with nothing to do for long periods in public places, they wind up looking distraught to passersby. This would make them the ideal target for panhandlers and pickpockets.   

With UK online bingo sites, you've got a simple and easy way to stay busy and focused. And who knows, you could be the next winner. Thousands are won every day by people just like you, and there are no unique skills required! Winning at new UK mobile bingo sites is merely a matter of chance. When people win, sometimes they win BIG!
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