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5 Reasons Why Online Slingo is Set to See
a Huge Growth in Popularity

In 2021, Slingo is expected to become one of the most played forms of gambling at slot sites in the United Kingdom. Online Slingo has already seen a large spike in demand over the past couple of years. Due to the increasing popularity of both regular bingo and video slot gambling in the UK, you can now expect to see lots of Slingo games in the game’s libraries of many online casinos. As the casino game continues to become more well-known, you can expect to see a greater amount of innovative new Slingo games released in 2021.

Online Slingo can be played at the majority of the better-known online casinos in the UK, but what makes it so appealing?

We decided to take a look at 5 of the best reasons why casino players are choosing to play Slingo!

A More Exciting Form of Bingo
Slingo derives from bingo and has certain aspects unique to a video slot, hence the name Slingo – a combination of bingo and slot! The creators of the Slingo game wanted to make a more exciting version of bingo which uses elements from an unpredictable slot machine. Although it was invented in the late 1990s, Slingo did not gain much popularity until the birth of online casino gaming. It wasn’t until the early 2010s when online casino gambling hit a major upward trend in popularity. In 2020, searches for online casinos on Google hit an all-time-high – this is why we expect Slingo to have a huge year in 2021.

Slingo players will know that the aim of the game is, much like in Bingo, to cross off all the numbers on the grid. It combines elements of bingo and brings it to a slot game environment. Players will witness a familiar 75-ball bingo game alongside a 5x5 numbered grid. However, players will also see some slot reels placed below. The reels of the slot machine help to generate bigger prizes and cash wins, although the aim of the game is to cross out the numbers on the grid until you hit a Bingo or as it is now known, a Slingo!

Slot Sites Dedicated to Slingo

Thanks to a greater number of casino players searching for Slingo games via internet search engines, we are seeing a greater number of dedicated Slingo sites being created by online gambling companies. These dedicated sites gear everything towards customers who are looking for the best Slingo games to play. Special sign-up bonuses are created with the aim to give players more funds to use when playing. In addition, an ever-increasing number of Slingo slots are being developed and released – each with innovative and exciting features.

Thanks to the growth in popularity of online Slingo, you can play at Slingo sites popular to UK gamblers. Most online slot sites in the UK will allow their players access to a number of Slingo casino games. This number continues to increase.

Online gamblers enjoy Slingo for what it is – a much more exciting version of Bingo. Unlike Bingo, which can be fairly monotonous, Slingo games add a number of different exciting features so that players can feel a real thrill when playing. The evolution of Slingo has certainly enhanced the game of Bingo by combining it with features of slots.

Play with Friends

One of the main attractions of online Slingo is that you can play with your friends. In the same way friends compete against one another when playing Bingo, Slingo works in much the same way. Social interaction is always important and, in these days, where much of the country is in lockdown, social interaction is one of the best ways to stay sane.

Playing Slingo and chatting online with friends at the same time is a great option if you are stuck in-doors alone. In 2021, anyone can play at Slingo sites in order to feel the thrill of winning as well as to keep in touch with friends.

Innovative Games and Features

Slingo is an extremely unique and modern casino title. As well as being able to place lots of different types of bets, Slingo players can often receive instant prizes in the form of cash or gift vouchers. Different Slingo slots will of course change their rules for awarding game points. Game points are accumulated by completing certain game action. Gamblers can accumulate game points with actions such as: Clearing all the numbers on the card, hitting a certain number of picture symbols or by capturing the most coin symbols.

Slingo in 2021 uses gamification techniques to keep players enjoying the game for a prolonged amount of time. These techniques try to ensure that players do not become bored - this is another reason for the rise in popularity of online Slingo.

Opportunities to Win Real Money

The number one reason why the popularity of Slingo is so high is due to the many different way’s players have of winning cash. Slingo’s expected popularity spike in 2021 will be by no means a coincidence. Developers are constantly looking at new and improved ways to make their Slingo titles more exciting for players.

An increasing number of ways to win money is the greatest reason why we expect online Slingo to see a surge in its popularity in 2021. Gamblers and punters are constantly on the lookout for exciting opportunities in which to increase their bankroll. Our recommendation of the best Slingo games are Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Deal or No Deal.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to why online Slingo is set to see a huge growth in popularity. If you have any other guides you would like us to write, please do not hesitate to let us know!
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