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£104 million In A Year:
Mecca Handing Out The Jackpots In 2019

The bingo revolution is in full swing with 2019 being a huge year not just online, but in the bingo halls up and down the country too.

And it’s not just been fantastic for the bingo brands, but players too! Mecca Bingo recently announced they’ve given away £104million to players this year in their bingo halls.

That averages at £285,000 per day as the brand looks to develop its online and offline output as one.

Mecca Bingo have had a huge year in their halls and online, with more and more players and a range of new variants increasing their offering.

That’s led to plenty of plaudits for Mecca Bingo online from all the top review sites. Where they’ve then been successful is getting many online players through the doors of their bingo halls.

What that is contributing to is an entirely new generation of player, and at Mecca they’re clearly reaping the rewards.

Players in the North East enjoyed the highest amount of wins, scooping £20.14million according to reports, including the branches in Stockton (£2.5million) and Hartlepool (£2.1million) which were among the places to earn the highest payouts.

Stockton was overall the third highest, with Blackpool runner up (£2.6million) and Glasgow the branch which had paid out the most, with players claiming over £3million in winnings!

Scotland as a whole saw players claim £19.8million in total, while players in the North West enjoyed £17.8million in winnings.

Carol Rhead at Mecca said, We are incredibly proud to reveal the life-changing sums of money that have been won throughout 2019.

“Not only have our customers tested their luck at winning our whopping prize giveaways, but they have also experienced the sociable environment available in all clubs across the country, offering communities lots of bingo fun.”

It marks a remarkable contrast from the pubs, community centres and other social hotspots which continue to close at apace and the news will likely encourage more customers to take to bingo during 2020.

There’s been a huge push by online brands in 2019 to reintroduce a younger crowd to bingo, and it’s undoubtedly filtering into life off screen given the payouts, pop up bingo nights, student nights and busier halls now being enjoyed across the country.

Mecca are continuing to push boundaries moving into 2020. Next year there’s a foray into live music, with boyband supergroup Boyz on Block touring 10 venues, while more and more variants are to arrive online.

The bingo bubble is growing, and it looks as though it will be far from bursting over the next 12 months.
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