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Inside Women’s World Of Boxing
Bumping into an article on women’s boxing was the highlight of the week. The discussions got so heated that we had to investigate. Both the guys and girls in the office where positively intrigued by the subject. Each group had their own reasons for wanting to look inside women’s world of boxing. Some found the idea of a babe that could throw a proper punch very arousing. The other group was genuinely interested in the benefits. For reasons of avoiding discrimination we shall not disclose which group was thinking what..

Professional Sport
The world of boxing has welcomed the woman's game into the scene with major fight nights around the world featuring ranking or title bouts featuring professional woman boxers. Now big casino fight nights have their sports books pricing up fights between members of the fairer sex for the first time. Visit for more information on gambling. North and South American boxers like Amanda Serrano and Ibeth Silva with world champion Jessica Han are regular features at big events. South and Central America are particularly strong when it comes to holding world titles.

The Journey Inside Women’s World Of Boxing
Curiosity got the best of us and we ended up visiting one of the top women’s boxing training spots. Forget the Rocky style of gyms which are dark and gloomy. This gym was well light and very colorful. And we are sure that the smells from Mickey’s gym were not so sensual. There were lots of inspirational quotes from some the biggest names in women’s boxing. One that really stuck with us was from Reese Scott, “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go — they simply determine where you start.” According to the some of the staff the gym has been operating for nearly 10 years now.

There were several women furiously punching at all sorts of punching equipment. Contrary to the ideas that the women in our team had, the women did not look so butch. Rather they looked very well-toned. In fact their levels of fitness had some of the guys looking intimidated. Undoubtedly women’s boxing provides a great whole body workout.

It is now hard to imagine that once there were no professional women boxers. Until just recently, athletics commissioners refused to license female boxers. But the increase in knowledge about the tolerance levels of the female form have caused a shift in policy in many countries. Just the same way increase in understanding has seen the licensing of online casino websites which were previous outlawed in many jurisdictions. Now you can bet on your favorite female boxer from your mobile device. However like women’s boxing you can only bet online in countries where it is legal.

Famous Boxers
The first woman to win an Olympic gold is Nicola Adams who won gold at the 2012 and 2016 flyweight divisions. Since when she has turned professional and won her first pro fight on 8th April 2017. She hit the news big in the UK where she is from when she took the title in London, her home town..

Coming before her however is Cecilia Braekhus, originally from Colombia but adopted by Norwegian parents at the age of two. Turning pro in 2007 she is unbeaten in 30 welterweight fights and is the only woman who holds WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO titles simultaneously, and only the third in history, man or woman.
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