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Best Blackjack Tips for Beginners
If Blackjack is new to you then you'll find that the play of the game and rules are pretty simple to learn and be comfortable with. There are a few points of etiquette in a real casino to know but most of you will be trying out blackjack online. So here are a few tips.

Stick to your bankroll
Choose an amount of money that you are prepared to lose and stick to that idea without any wavering. This is the Golden Rule.

Where to Play
You might as well choose your favourite betting site to play on as the rules don't vary from site to site and you've already got an account.

Don't copy other players
Most players play the game quite badly and if you are at a multi-player table its tempting to do what others do and in the real world there is sometimes pressure to do so.

Don't Mirror the Dealer
A ploy often used by new players is to copy the dealers play which is strictly governed by the rules of the game. The dealer will stick on soft 17, which is an Ace and a Six. This is never good for the player.

Be prepared to hit Hard Totals (Hard totals are those without an Ace counting as 1)
It is easy to fear hitting totals from 12 to 16 as you know a ten will bust all of these hands. But sometimes part of your winning play to is make a decent hand that will either tie or beat whatever the dealer makes.

Never Double against a 10 or Ace
UK and European rules of blackjack dictate that the dealer does not check their one hidden card for a Blackjack when their visible card is a Ten or an Ace (unlike in the USA for instance). This means you are playing your hand with the possibility that you have already lost. So it is a bad play that will cost you money if you double down against either 10 or Ace.

Never Split against an Ace
For the same reason as the above tip play your hand as one hand when the dealer shows an Ace.

Never Split Fives or Tens
The option to split cards, that is turn 3-3 into two different hands with a 3 in each, is one of the positive options in this game. It can turn 6 (3-3), which is not a good total, into two potentially strong hands as 3 gives you options to make a great hand with say an 8 and a ten, or a doubling hand if you catch a 6, 7 or 8. But 5-5 and 10-10 are strong as they are so don't be tempted.

Learn some Basis Strategy
Basic strategy is what professionals call the optimum play for each combination of players hands and dealers up-card. It is surprisingly easy to learn and can be found here.

Don't dream of being a professional player
A very tiny number or people have beaten the game of blackjack for good sums of money. There are many times this number who thought they could and lost a lot of money.
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