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Daily Fantasy Sports building a new world of betting
Its been a year of turmoil in the world of Fantasy Sports. From their rapid growth of the last five years that gave them a 57 million player customer base in North America alone to the prospect of being outlawed across the states and even the rest of the world within a few short months. Now however things are settling down and proper frameworks of licensing and legality are taking shape in Europe and the North American continent.

What DFS has tapped into is a different body of players from the traditional gambling marketplace like 888 Casino. They are younger, better educated with higher household incomes and are more likely to have full-time employment. It has also managed to tap the existing pool of Fantasy Sport players and balloon that from what had become a static number of players to a huge level of popular participation.
Year Estimated Players
1988 500,000
1991-94 2 million
2003 15.2 million
2004 13.5 million
2005 12.6 million
2006 18 million
2007 19.4 million
2008 29.9 million
2009 28.4 million
2010 32 million
2011 35.9 million
2014 41.5 million
2015 56.8 million
2016 57.4 million
The challenge facing DFS players is different from the offerings of traditional all encompassing casino and bookmaker sites because there is an unlimited amount of involvement and potential enjoyment that can be had. Which ever sport you choose to participate in and presumably already know a lot about there is an extra dimension of understanding the scoring system and then applying analysis to your team picks to hopefully maximize your team's scoring ability. Adding to this is the daily nature of the competitions you enter, a major step up of involvement from season long competitions that you had to constantly adjust week-by-week.

What Just Happened?
The world of DFS took a massive hit back in the autumn of 2015 when New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, declared that DFS companies were carrying out illegal gambling operations and, after much intervention of the courts, were shut down in March 2016. Shortly after the Att. Gen. Made his declaration a number of other states followed suit and players around the country stopped being able to play legally.

As FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles said “Last fall, amidst national controversy, some pundits put fantasy sports on death watch, but when the calendar turned to 2016 and fantasy sports fans had the opportunity to be heard and legislators had the opportunity to act, the dynamic quickly shifted, and one by one states began to recognize this is a game loved by millions — millions who should be able to play and deserve the basic protections afforded to consumers in all major industries.”

What Eccles was referring to is the gradual legalisation and clarification that has occurred across many US states which by time of writing has extended to Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia and now finally New York State where New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the legalisation into law in August 2016. This one state represents 10% of DraftKings revenue according to CEO Jason Robins and this is likely to be mirrored by the other DFS operators. 

So the future DFS is more rosy especially now that all the major Daily Fantasy Sports operators have gained UK gambling licenses where they are targeting the world's biggest sport, the English Premier League.

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