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Melbourne Cup Sweep: A Quick Guide
The Melbourne Cup is one of the most popular annual events for horse racing enthusiasts. There’s much to enjoy, from horse races to fine dining, live music performances, fashion shows, and art installations.

Betting is also part of the festival. Besides the usual wagering through bookmarkers, you may consider the Melbourne Cup sweep. This YouTube channel explores all these betting options:

The rules of the Melbourne Cup sweep tradition are simple. This guide gives an overview and relevant insights into this longstanding tradition.
Melbourne Cup Racing
What is the Melbourne Cup sweep?

The Melbourne Cup is steeped in rich history, dating back to 1861. The race has shaped Australia’s culture for centuries and even earned the nickname the ‘Race That Stops the Nation.’ The Melbourne Cup sweep makes it even more unique.

It’s fundamentally a lottery. Participants draw a horse, hoping they will win the race. There’s no need to analyse the past performances of horses, jockeys, or trainers. Neither do you need knowledge of intricate betting strategies. It’s purely based on chance, thus levelling the playing field for experts and novices.

This tradition heightens the Cup’s communal participation. Thus, it’s not merely a game or a bet for financial gain. It’s a culture passed down for many years.

Preparing for the sweep

If you’re organising a sweep, preparation is critical to ensure nothing hits a snag.

First, set a budget. You wouldn’t want your participants to break the bank in a game of chance. So consider your group’s budget. It helps to make it affordable for all participants and exciting at the same time. An affordable entry fee can quickly convince anyone to join.

Next, consider how many people will take part in the sweep. The Melbourne Cup has a limit of 24 horses. So if there will be more than 24 participating in the sweep, some of them will have the same horse and share the winnings if their horse wins. On the flip side, if you have fewer than 24 participants, you have a few options: you can assign multiple horses to some participants, leave some horses unselected, or adjust the prize allocation based on the number of selected horses.

With the budget and participants squared out, generate tickets, each with the name of a competing horse and the corresponding jockey. Next, you can place all the tickets in a hat or container for the draw.

Preparing for the sweep isn’t hard. The usual wagers through bookmarks require a well-thought Melbourne Cup betting strategy. But the sweep doesn’t need all that. You only need to set clear stakes, know your group size, and have the essential materials. You can generate your sweep sheets and find more information about the sweep here:

The draw

The draw is the climax of the Melbourne Cup sweep. The most important thing is to keep it fair. First, get a neutral person who isn’t part of the sweep to oversee the draw. It ensures no bias since this facilitator has no interest in the results.

The drawing process is simple. Each participant draws one ticket and reveals their assigned horse. However, it’s transparency that matters. Ensure every contestant is satisfied with the mixing process. This way, trust remains intact.

After the draw, jot down the names of the players plus their respective horses. This ensures payouts go to the rightful winners.

Rules and etiquette

The Melbourne Cup sweep thrives on simple rules and etiquette. First and foremost, respect the draw. Stick with your pick once the horses are assigned. Avoid swapping with group members unless all the participants unanimously agree to this. This way, everything remains straightforward without unnecessary drama.

As for payouts, you can use a reasonable ratio, for instance, 60% to the winner, 25% for number two, 10% for number three, and 5% for the last one as consolation. Spreading the payouts this way rewards the winners while adding a fun twist for the trailing horse.

Finally, keep the spirit alive. Discuss with the contestants the performance records of the competing horses and jockeys. You can even take the fun a notch higher by offering spot prizes for random events like the first horse to lead or the trailing horse.
Melbourne Cup Racing
Modernising the sweep

Tech has infiltrated every aspect of life, including the Melbourne Cup sweep. Stats indicate there are more than 5.7 million apps on the Google Play and Apple App stores—meaning an app for virtually everything.

There are numerous apps and platforms for automating the drawing process. They reduce the manual work of writing on paper slips or cards and shuffling in a container. The process becomes fairer. Moreover, participants can receive notifications about their chosen horses and the winners once the race ends.

Apps also facilitate cash deposits. Collecting cash physically may not appeal to most people. Digital payments are the order of the day. You can use online paygates, like PayPal or Venmo. With just a few taps, you’re done with the buy-in and drawing process. Furthermore, paying the winners is easy.


The Melbourne Cup sweep is a tradition that brings together friends, families, and colleagues. It adds joy and excitement to the event while allowing the lucky ones to walk away with some cash.

Early preparation is key. It gives you ample time to set rules, gather materials, mobilise participants, and even modernise the event. All in all, cherish the fun bit of it. Whether you lose or win, it’s worth all the effort.

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