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November 13th-19th 2000 : Hilton Hotel Casino, Isle of Man
Players put up £6000 each for the privilage of fighting the best people in the world to see who lifts the title and the biggest cheque in poker history.
Ladbroke Casinos, one of the big four UK casino operators, has teamed up with Matchroom Sport Promoters and broadcasters of major sports events worldwide to create the biggest poker tournament ever, they say. The truth of the matter is they won't be able to match the World Series of Poker finals in downtown Las Vegas for shear numbers and high class field but they probably will come a decent second with a monster first prize on offer.

Its an old casino trick of offering a big prize to get publicity, regardless of the fact that they may not be able to give any other prizes, just so that they can get maximum publicity. Here it may actually work for once because the TV people are involved and they can offer 15 minutes of fame to the winner.
Latest News
The tournament is now over. The accounts from all parties agreed that it was a great success. I (Richard Whitehouse) have been covering it from day one and have enjoyed every minute.
Isle of Man
From the 13th-19th November, the beautiful and quiet Isle of Man is the venue for the richest tournament to be held in the Europe and eventually, they hope, the world. At first its baffling why anyone would ship the worlds top players to a small island where its still obligatory for visitors to stop and make a wish as they make the bumpy journey from the airport to Douglas. Why not play it in London where the big hotels and many casinos are?

With not much trouble you can understand why. There is no where they could stage a big event, no where that would allow all night play and no where that would allow TV cameras to take over proceedings like they are bound to in the PokerMillion tournament. Also the island is a self governing community with oldest parliament in the world and they can bend their own gambling laws to suit the commercial needs of such a tournament. Its the sort of thing that makes small islands commercially viable.

The Hilton is in Douglas, the capital. Its a small seaside town with its own little gambling mecca. Over the years people have travelled from as far as Japan and Australia to play in a variety of poker and backgammon tournaments creatively staged here. Many came for the more-than-you-can-eat English breakfast that often turned out to be the only serious meal they would likely get.
Place Prize Place Prize
1 £1,000,000 7 £10,000
2 £100,000 8 £8,000
3 £50,000 9 £6,000
4 £25,000 10 £2,000
5 £15,000 to £2,000
6 £14,000 20 £2,000
Special Rules
The Poker Million Tournament will be run with a novel idea of giving the players their chips in two batches, a.k.a "Double Chance". Entrants get chips to the value of 10,000 points for their stake money but start the competition with half, i.e. 5,000 points. If any player loses all their chips within the first four levels of blinds they automatically receive the remaining balance.

After the first four levels of blinds have been completed, all players who have yet to take their full quota of chips will then be given theirs as a top-up.

Players who reach the final table are in for a bit of a shock, unless of course you are Phil Helmuth. Why him? Because he doesn't often where silly hats, dark glasses or track suits and he doesn't smoke. Neither will anyone else be able to if they should make it there because the TV rites specifically prohibit these things. So all you budding millionaires had better start living clean.

Another point to remember is that they will be showing the final table in a way similar to CH4's Late Night Poker. This means under-table camera views of players cards!

Also se PRIZES
If you didn't know, the big tournaments are run with No-Limit rules. This basically means that the minimum bet is the level of the big blind and the maximum is anything you have in front of you. Below is another chance to see the No-Limit rules.
At the beginning of the game a player is chosen at random to be the "Dealer". That person will not actually deal the cards, the house dealer will do that, but its a title that means the house dealer knows who gets the first card of each hand. A big white button is placed in front of that player with 'Dealer' marked clearly. After every hand the title of dealer moves along one position to the left and people speak of the button moving along.
The two players to the left of the dealer must each make a blind bet (called blinds) before the cards are dealt. This creates a pot before cards are dealt which makes sure the game gets some flowing action. (Otherwise people could sit forever and just play their very best hands). Now the dealer deals two cards to each player.
The third person from the button is the first person to have to make a decision or speak. This is because they are the first in line who hasn't already made a bet. They must at least call the blind bet, which means placing the same amount of money as the blind bet into the pot. They can of course raise and the No-Limit feature of this competition means they can bet any part or all of the money in front of them. Alternatively, if they feel that their hand isn't worth playing then they can fold, which simply means throw their cards in to the discard pile (normally means just giving them to the dealer).
If any player raises, all of the people after them in the order of action must at least call the same amount of money to continue playing in the hand or else they must immediately fold their hand.
When the initial round of betting is over the dealer deals the flop, three cards face up in the middle of the table. These are communial cards which all players can combine with the two they hold to form a poker hand. After the flop is dealt, betting starts once more, this time from the first person after the button who is still playing in the hand. This time however no blind bet has been made and so the player can check, which simply means make no bet now but reserve the right to raise antbody who does make a bet.
When the betting stops (there might not have been any) then the dealer deals a forth card in the middle and another round of betting starts. After this a fifth and final card is dealt. There is a final round of betting and when that is finished all remaining players must turn over their cards to see who wins the pot. The best hand wins according to the ranking of poker hands and is made from using five cards from the seven card combination of players hands and the five communial cards.
The promoters for this event are Barry Hearn's MATCHROOM SPORT
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