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The phrase Slot Machine is used around the world these days, slowly replacing older terms like one-armed bandit and country specific terms like fruit machine as in the United Kingdom. But in Australia the slot machine is universally known as a pokie, or the pokies in general.

Pokies are a game of chance, and in the long-run players will generally lose because pokies are programmed to pay out at a percentage less than 100%. Despite this, pokies are an extremely popular form of gambling and entertainment.

The best pokies tip relates to choosing a pokie machine with a high pay out percentage. This is difficult when playing pokies in land based venues such as pubs, bars or leisure clubs as governments fix the pay out, for Australia its anything from 85-90%. However, if you play pokies online, pay-outs range from anywhere between 90% and 99%. This represents much better value than playing in land based environments, but it also means players should shop around and research the variety of pokies offered by an online casino to find one with the highest pay out, as well as the best software. This is where Pokies Palace online pokies site comes to your aid by doing the hard work for you by trying out all aspects of the sites so you don't have to.

Many people who start their pokies experience with land based clubs may be a bit worried about security of playing with their money online and just how fair the casinos are with their software. There is no need to worry when playing one of the recommended sites as they will be using software from one of only a handful of providers, namely Aristocrat (Australia), Microgaming (Isle of Man), Playtech (Isle of Man) and International Game Technology (London, although now owned by GTECH S.p.A. the Italian lottery operator).

They all use highly sophisticated security software and random number generators to ensure that all the pokies treat players fairly and jackpot prizes are won without the operator knowing who you are and so can not help anyone win in particular or avoid paying out the correct amounts to all players. If you are a bit unsure taking some of your first steps online then take some internet security advice from the BBC.

Once you have selected a place to play a pokie then there are no secrets to winning but there are definite guidlines to think about to help you avoid losing enough money that it takes away the fun of the game.

Firstly it is important to know when you are going to stop. So setting a target amout to win is important and if you happen to land a big pay-out then you can have some free fun playing any of the spare change with a few extra goes. Of course setting an amount beyond which you will not spend more is also important. There is always another day keeping in a sound state of mind will stop you missing those all important bonus round opportunities which offer the chance to win big.

Another tip for those who enjoy online pokies is to set a time limit for your session. This is much harder to do when playing online, so you need to be disciplined. It sounds silly but setting an alarm on your phone is a great help as time flashes by quickly when you get into a sessions.

If you want to check out the rest of the casino world why not go straight to our Casino page where there is enough to keep reading for some time. Always gamble within your limits.

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