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ales of Team Carborundum
Jesse May
Jesse May, multiple author in the gambling field and sometimes dubded the "voice of poker", writes a bi-weekly column.
Most people know Jesse as "the voice of poker" from his colourful commentary in CH4's late Night Poker. Jesse is also the author of the widely respected novel, Shut Up And Deal, which looks deep into the poker playing life. Its the hard faced 21st Century Cincinnati Kid.

Jesse is also the creator of The Gambler's Guide to the World, an insiders look at the action and games around the world.
Email : Jesse May
    Devilfish is the only man who can win every chip on the table while singing Sultans Of Swing. And that's not all. When he had the king high flush draw plus the wraparound straight he strummed away on Across The River. He passed a hand and played folk. It was Bad To The Bone when the game became six card Omaha Hilo. The man is a blues guitar player. Never had a lesson in his life.

The Devilfish got his nickname in Las Vegas, and don't let his wit put you off as to his skill. A devilfish is an oriental delicacy that kills you if it's not prepared properly. Someone had called Ulliot that in his local game in Hull many years ago, but it hadn't stuck. Wouldn't you know someone from that game happened to be in Vegas years later when Dave Ulliot got to the final two of the Pot Limit Hold'em championship. Ulliot was head up for the $200,000 first prize against Men "the Master" Nguyen, a stack 'em up tournament artist who's a commandeer on the tour.

The spectators were a little boisterous, and one of Men's supporters, of which they were mostly, shouts out, "On the Master!" A cheer goes up. From the back of the pack, the man from Hull fires back, "On the Devilfish!"

And then the Devilfish skinned the Master. Laid him out to dry. And the nickname, stuck.

When the filming goes on for the Late Night Poker series, only a part of the action happens in front of the camera. You can't get forty-nine poker players together and not have action break out all over the place. Besides the bar, where storming was afoot full tilt until the wee hours, the game was in the room. And along with the drinks and the sandwiches and the bucket full of ice, the Devilfish brought his own guitar.

Most of the LNP players were headed for Dublin to stop off at the Superbowl Finals before the Superbowl. The £20,000 free roll was shaping up to be a thrilling field. Mickey Finn, Michael Keiner, Alan Betson, Pascal Perrault, The Boatmans, Ram Vaswani, Aidan Bennett, Christoph Haller, Dave Colclough, Jac Arama. Team Carborundum will take Aidan Bennett for the big result on his home turf, or Ram Vaswani, who's bound to be the value in the field.

Dublin was the last stop to pick up cash or manufacture a bankroll for the long ride to Vegas, and the expenses associated with the World Series of Poker. Vegas can be done on the cheap, but not if you're gonna be playing tournaments during the World Series of Poker. When you're playing the World Series tournaments you're looking for the really big score and in order to have a shot at the really big score then you know going in that you have to lay out some money. In the old days all you needed to do Vegas on the cheap was a great room rate, a lot of meal coupons and a partner, but these days you need a gig and an eye for value.

The final event at the 2001 World Series of Poker has been stretched out to five days from four, and this is a good decision. With all the last minute entrants and the hoopla associated with starting a tournament of such immense proportions, lengthening to five days gives participants just that little bit more time to ease into the tournament, with day three becoming the major cut day, rather than day two. Give players a little more sleep. After all, it's grueling enough having to outlast a potential 500 other runners in the race for the $1.5 million dollar first prize, paid down to at least twenty-seven spots.

By the time the third week of the WSOP rolls around, players hope to have made or paid for their trip already, the ideal situation being a satellite victory or some good cash game results paving the way for a free roll into the main event. Things don't always go as planned.

In the past, it was always nice to get into the Horseshoe buffets. This year the hot tickets will be the Golden Nugget comps. Players in the know have always stayed at the Golden Nugget, and Team Carborundum will be trying to get into that Italian restaurant with the singing waiters whenever possible.

The final night Late Night Poker party was a sight to beheld. Stories of the fisherman and the time I was a barber had the crowd rollicking. Production crew was drinking from a large blue liquid, the bar staff went overtime.
Editor's note

DevilFish : Inimicus didactylus

Found in the Philippines and Indonesia