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Bingo Chat Games   
When playing bingo online you want to capitalise on all the bonuses available, taking care not to deposit or play more than you had intended, but be canny about when and how much you do. There are however other ways you can pick up extra cash winnings and one is by playing Bingo Chat Games.

What are Bingo Chat Games?
Each time you play bingo online you will be choosing a room to play in, according to the type of game you fancy playing, like Deal or No Deal Bingo or Big Apple Bingo etc.. In each room there is a Chat Master, a person with whom you can chat about the games you are playing, discussing topics like the rules and bonuses. You can also chat to other players but the key benefit as far as extra prizes are concerned is that you can join into the Chat Games that the Chat Master will operate. These games involve the using the chat box to compete against other players in the room in a game set by the Chat Master. Not all bingo sites are created with chat games, sites like Sun Bingo do have the best chat games available.

Firstly there are requirements to play in the chat game. If its too high then don't just meet the requirements to play the game or the reward for winning will not match the risk you are taking. If its a good site then it will just be playing 2 cards or more which you are likely to be doing anyway. Another requirement is likely to be that there are at least 3 people playing but most of the time this will not be an issue.
Object of the Bingo Chat Game
So the object of the chat game is to give an answer to the question set by the Chat Master faster than all the other participants after the countdown has ended and in the correct format.

The Chat Master will signal when you can type your answer with a 3 – 2 – 1 countdown.

You must obey the rules of typing the answer. If you get the correct answer but in the wrong format you cannot win. So examples of what we mean are;
  • An anagram game will give a question like 'Jumble Bingo Sale' and 'RTPCAE'. To answer correctly you need to type 'Jumble Carpet'. Don't worry about being case sensitive. Or,
  • 'Anagrams' and 'bafoollt'? Answer 'Anagram football'.
  • 'Catchphrase' and 'On cloud …..'? Answer 'Catchphrase nine'.
The Chat Master will define the prize, likely a small cash prize and if there are any terms and conditions to claim as well as who is the winner. Remember other bonuses will have bingo terms and conditions to collect so check the rules of how to do this.

Sensible Gambling
Of course here at The Good Gambling Guide we promote sensible, safe and secure gambling at all times. Knowing your limits and sticking to them is important and every site we mention will have details on their pages of help in your location should you need guidance or help.
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