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Top Football Clubs To Be Careful While Betting  
In the world of football there are hundreds of teams that are loved by millions of fans all over the world and many of the fans from these millions like to bet on their favourite teams to make some money. Some of these teams perform well on regular basis while many just keep on failing really often while having brief successful stretches in between. The teams that performs good and bad alternatively is the one loved by the bookies above all, one should avoid betting on these teams. These are the top football teams that you need to avoid if you are looking forward to betting.

Manchester City:

The club was taken over by its new wealthy owner from the gulf state; the owner invested his oil money into the team in hopes of making it one of the best teams in Europe. The best players in the European circuit were added to the team. The team plays really well against the top teams but at many occasions the team has struggled while playing against the smaller teams. When a good team struggles against the lower teams than it becomes the favorite team of the bookies because loss of such a team makes bookies huge sums of monies and the better lose their money. So just move past Manchester City while it’s playing against some lower clubs.


Barcelona is one of the world’s most over-rated teams. It plays some amazing football but in the end it has failed to impress the fans with success. The team has one of the best players and yet it has been unsuccessful during the last few seasons. Barcelona has a really great fan base which has a lot of trust in the team and now almost all of them just wish to bet on their team thanks to online betting. Betting on Barcelona is one of the biggest mistakes in betting because you are destined to lose your money because Barcelona play too well but still fail to impress.

Hull City:
Hull City is the team that has impressed the fans in the last few seasons but now it’s going down and once a team starts going down it becomes the worst option to bet on although the odds seem great but avoiding bets on a team like Hull City is the best option for anyone in this season. One could easily opt for other teams that are winning matches instead of a team like Hull City whose odds look really great in online betting but are useless at many occasions.

Of course here at The Good Gambling Guide we promote sensible, safe and secure gambling at all times. If you progress from free play to real money play then knowing your limits and sticking to them is important and every site we mention will have details on their pages of help in your location should you need guidance or help. Should you be playing across borders, which is perfectly okay, a little search on the internet will give local contacts if you feel you need them.

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