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The Best Football Teams in Europe
Not only does Europe host a number of good teams, but these teams are seen as the best in the world due to previous records, in addition to the stature of players playing for these European clubs. Before I even highlight the best teams, can we just appreciate some of the players that have graced European soil- Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Messi, Henry and Ibrahimovic. The reason why these players have done so well for their respected clubs is because they have trained hard and kept healthy. So, why don’t you do the same with your very own European heath card, ensuring that wherever you are in Europe, you can feel assured that if you are in need of any medical treatment the EHIC card can guarantee you that. Now, the best way to summarise the most successful teams in Europe is too pick one or two teams from the most recognisable leagues across the continent, so we have:

Man United and Arsenal have to be the best English team in Europe, purely because of their previous records in their domestic leagues and the participations in the Champions league. However, that being said, you may question why I have included Arsenal, as they have never won a European trophy, whereas their competitors such as Chelsea and Liverpool have won at least one. But it’s their consistency in continuously making the top four, playing some very stylish football and having the ability to beat anyone, is the reason why they are one of the best English teams in Europe. Man United have proved they deserve to be up there despite their recent setbacks – Treble winners, 3 time Champion League winners, a massive collection of domestic league titles and cups, so they clearly deserve to be included among the elite teams.


Spain has probably the two best teams currently competing in Europe, as well as having the two best players in the world (Messi & Ronaldo). Real Madrid and Barcelona have the best track records for their domestic league and boast some of the best players in the world. They’re always in a final and for anyone coming against these powerhouses, 9 times out of 10, the opposition becomes the underdog. There’s no questioning that Real and Barcelona, are currently the best teams in Europe.


Germany’s domestic league is a very competitive one, yet the only team that can be justified in regards to being the best in Europe is none other than Bayern Munich. Having won a ridiculous amount of Bundesliga titles and reaching the semi-finals for five consecutive years (including two finals and one triumph) in the Champions League, there’s no denying that Bayern can be classed as footballing giants. With players such as Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng, Hummels and Alaba, in addition to Ribery, Robben, Sanches and Lewandowski shows that they have one of the best defensive AND attacking forces in the whole of Europe.


Despite both the Milan teams receiving greater success on the European stage, Juventus has to be the best Italian team in Europe. Being one of the best teams in Series A, then to be relegated, only to bounce back and regain their supremacy just shows how good this club is. They have a number of technical players and always show up to the big games. Juventus are always firm favourites with the betting shops and if you are ever in doubt, just check out the good gambling guide for useful tips on all sports.

Other teams that can also be regarded as the best in Europe are: Porto, Dortmund, Inter Milan, PSG, Man City and Chelsea, there is a lot to pick from!

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