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Premiership 2014-2015 Overview  
The Premiership for the 2014 through 2015 season is the 23rd season overall for the football league known as the English Premier League. Some people call it the Barclays League as well. Here’s some information about the league, as well as how it’s going so far.


This season started in June, 2014, and it will go until late May of 2015. The last team to win the league was Manchester City, who won in the season starting in 2013. There are twenty teams in the league overall.

One interesting tidbit about the league this year is that it was the first time Leicester City has made it to the league in ten years.

Current Standings

As of mid-February, 2015, Chelsea is in the lead with 59 points overall. They have a league-leading 28 wins and 2 losses. Behind them is Manchester City with 52 points and 15 wins. In third place is Manchester United with 47 points and 13 wins. These three teams have qualified to make it to the Champions’ League group stage.

In fourth place is Southampton, who qualified for the Champions League play-off round with 14 wins and 46 points. In fifth place is Arsenal, who qualified for the Europa League group stage, and Tottenham Hotspur, who qualified for the qualifying round for the Europa league.

The next ten teams include cities like Liverpool, Toke City, Everton, Crystal Palace and others. All the way at the bottom are Aston Villa and Burnley, with Leicester City in dead last at the twentieth position. These three teams will go down to the Football League Championship.

This is obviously if these teams all stay in their current positions.

The player who’s received the most yellow cards on the year is Sunderland. Paul Konchesky from Leicester City and Kyle Naughton from Tottenham Hotspur are tied for the most red cards at two each. There have been 250 matches played total. The player who has scored the most goals is Diego Costa at 17 goals.

Sergio Aguero is right behind him with 16 goals, and then you have Charlie Austin and Harry Kane with 13 goals apiece on the leaderboard. Alexis Sanchez has 12 goals, and there are three players tied with 10 goals apiece, and five who have 9 goals.

The current leader for goalie is Fraser Forster who managed to play 12 games with no goals scored. The team that won the most games in a row was Manchester City at seven games straight. If you want to count teams that simply went the furthest without losing, meaning with wins and ties only, then it’s Chelsea with 14 in a row.

There were many extreme turnouts this year, including a current high of the game between Manchester United and Southampton which had more than 75,000 people attending. This was in early January. There have been a half-dozen players of the month, including Diego Costa who plays for Chelsea. Others who have won this honor include Sergio Aguero from Manchester City and Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur.

There were four hat-tricks on the year, including one from Diego Costa ho pulled off the three goals for Chelsea against Swansea City when they won 4-2 in September. Sergio also Aguero did it for Manchester City against Tottenham Hotspur in their 4-1 win in October. Diego Costa is favourite at to finish on top – visit Online Betting Offers to get a nice free bet if you decide to back him with them.

Other Notable Events
Managers in the league during the 2013-2014 changed 25 times throughout the course of the season, but this only happened 9 times during the 2015 season so far. Many have said though that it’s been an exciting season
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