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Review Date : June 2012
WBX, or World Betting Exchange, is a person-to-person bet exchange, where punters can trade bets with each other on the world’s major sporting, political and entertainment events.

There are some nice ideas on this site, the layout is an attempt at using many small screens at once to show a lot of information. Using a set of menus on the left you get access to all the available markets from any screen you happen to be in.

For Racing fans there is a "place" market, a place to back horses to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd. .

As with the other sites, WBX uses the decimal continental style of representing odds.

You have to know what back and lay mean but once you've got them sorted out in your head its reasonably easy to understand the betting screen.

WBX charges a Commission on your net winnings on a market. If you have a net loss on a market you do not pay commission. Commission is calculated by multiplying your net winnings by the Market Base Rate, as shown on the Rules tab. From this we will apply a discount. The more you bet with us the greater the discount you will receive.

WBX's Maximum Market Rates vary depending on the number of entrants in a market: 3 or less entrants = 3% 4 entrants = 4% 5 or more entrants = 5%

The number of WBX Points you accumulate determines the level of your WBX Loyalty Discount. In short - the more you bet with WBX, the more WBX Points you will accumulate and the higher your discount will be. You earn 1 WBX Point for every £1 of Commission that you are charged during settlement of a market. If you lost on a market, and have therefore paid no Commission, you will still earn 1 WBX Point for every £1 of Commission that you would have paid if the amount that was lost was actually won. So you earn WBX Points no matter whether you won or lost on a market. If the amount of your win or loss is less than £1, you still earn the corresponding fraction of a WBX Point.

WBX Points are set to decay daily. The daily decay rate is set at 2% per day. A daily decay of 2% is equivalent to 13.18% decay per week.

May not have the liquidity in the particular market you are interested in.

Slightly less commission than the opposition. Loyalty rewards. Fewer professionals betting on this site so you are betting with other amateurs, other like-minded or knowledgeble people. Fun to use this website.

Go ahead and join up today and get your £25 bonus!
Summary Rating : 9/10 Free £25 in bet - T & Cs
Cut : 2-5% on net win Max Odds : Any Limits : Opening £15
Based : London Tel : 0207 229 1884
WBX’s UK Company registration number is 04638314
World Bet Exchange Limited PO Box 55985 London W11 9BF UK
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