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Internet Betting

The United Kingdom is the most sophisticated market for betting and the Internet options are no exception. Currently there are three major ways to bet live on the Internet.

Bookmakers - traditional bookmakers have transferred their business very well to the Internet medium. The immediate "live" nature of the web makes it a perfect way for the smart and casual gambler alike to find out the best odss and bet easily with a variety of account formats. In ways to Bet we explain bookmakers other wise go straight to the reviews.

Bet Exchange - Relatively new type of betting where players match their bets with other people, not bookmakers. Flexability makes this attractive whilst the small taxations made by the "swap firms" might equate to the bookies edge in traditional fixed odds betting. In ways to Bet we explain bet exchanges other wise go straight to the reviews.

Index - This slightly more complex variant of betting comes from the idea of trading the value of something in a market created by the index company. We are beginning to review these sites. In ways to Bet we explain how they work.
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