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How to pick a value football bet?  
Why pick football?
Football is probably the most popular sport in the UK and the world. The Premier League makes it one of the most popular in England as it holds some of the biggest names, and biggest teams in the world. The fan base is huge for this league, it stretches all the way across the UK, with many supporters following their teams from overseas. With there being millions of fans of football around the world, it makes the market for betting huge. Many people will want to bet on matches for whatever reason, this could be to make games more interesting, to win a lot of money or just for the pure fun of it. Whatever the reason, there are many things that should be taken into consideration, before placing a bet to make sure you do not just waste your money.
What to look at when picking my bet?
There are many aspects that need to be thought about before placing bets on specific teams and players. Research is key when gambling and can be the difference between winning and losing. The first thing that must be looked at is the players within the team. You must look at the fitness levels of the players in the team. You need to look at who the key players are, and see whether they will be playing in the game, if they are, to see if they will be fully fit for the match. You need to also check on the injuries within the team, and the main players within the team. For example, if the first choice striker is out injured and a player comes in who hasn't played in a few matches, the chances of scoring will be lowered. Another thing is players that have to miss the game down to suspension. It is common that people will put bets on without having an in depth knowledge on who will miss the game and who is not fit who is not fit. Sometimes it may not make a difference, but if a team are missing a big player, this could have an impact on the final result.

There is more that can determine a match result. And the next is the venue of the game. If a team is at home, they may give them an advantage in the game, as they have the backing of their own fans, that can make all the difference to the way the players go into the game and perform. Also sometimes there are stadiums that are very intimidating for opponents to go to, and this may have an impact on the way the away team go into the game, and how they perform. Playing in front of a crowd that does make you a bit nervous can really make your confidence drop. Even if the favourites for the tie are the away side, this factor can make a difference. It is not always the case however, away teams sometimes play better away from home. Finding the teams form can be found through a lot of football stat and football tip websites.

Next is the coaches and managers within teams. Although you may not think this has an impact on a result, these people have a lot to do with the way their teams set out and performs. Sometimes managers from certain clubs have trouble beating specific teams, a good example of this is Wenger with Mourinho, Until the charity shield this year Wenger really struggled to beat Mourinho. This could be down to the tactics that the coach uses, or just being out thought by other managers. The managers may not hold specific strategies or skills that they need to beat other teams. Also, the coach within a team may not be a someone who hands out a lot of motivation, this will have an impact on how the players go out to play certain matches. Managers that are really close with the players in the team will tend to perform better. This is because the players go out wanting to win for the fans, and even more for their manager. This could have an impact on the final result.
Where can I find my information?
The internet is a massive source to find out what is going to happen in games. There are sites all over the internet showing the tips for certain matches. Sites like will also give information on the form going into the game, the players injured and suspended from matches as well as head to head stats, goals stats and many more. Websites will show all the information you need to put a bet on that is likely to win. There are websites around that will give you betting predictions, what they think will happen in certain matches, and this may tilt your decision to bet on something different.
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