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What to consider and how to find the best betting sites online?
Sports betting is one of the most popular industries in the world. In actual fact it doesn’t require a lot to get started since you can place a bet pretty much anywhere. Most high street brands such as coral, Ladbrokes and William Hill have all built online betting portals for bettors.
Take a trip and Visit My Best Betting Sites, who have reviewed the best and newest sports betting sites in the industry, all reviews are completed by actual bettors so you can trust them as an online resource. They assess some of the most renown and largest betting operators in the industry, including reviews of winners sports betting, bet365 and William Hill.

We tend to suggest that you go for sports that you’re genuinely interested in and you have prior knowledge towards, since you’ll be able to make a better judgement call on where to place your money. It’s always good to stay ahead of the curve and really get into the sports that you will be betting on and ultimately it could give you the competitive edge you need to win.

It takes s a lot of practice and unfortunately you will lose bets, but if you do it methodically then there are the best chances that you’ll walk away with some extra cash in your pocket. Accumulators are extremely popular, although the odds of winning get smaller and smaller as you keep on adding more bets to it. Our preference has always been to place one bet at a time and really give it some thought as to which team or player would win based on previous performances.

Ultimately it’s up to you, but we certainly suggest you do your due diligence before making a bet and make sure you know the risks, but most of all, enjoy yourself!

Once you have got into a rhythm with a particular sport you will hopefully start to see how the prices are reflecting on public opinion and the type of information that opinion is based on. Now you can begin to breakdown the sport or event into pieces and get you own take on how much individual components affect the performance of the team or individual.

Example : Team Sports
How much importance does an individual team member have for the whole team and if they are not playing, does that tend to improve or worsen the team. Is there home advantage and how big is that in reality. Are they on a recent winning or losing streak which can allow you to make a leap in their expected performance compared to their long term average.

Example : Individual Sports like golf or tennis
Are there any life factors that might boost them. They may have just had an addition to their family like a new baby. Does this give them a more self assured look at the world and therefore nerves become less of a factor. Have they played too many weeks in a row and therefore fatigued, are they back from injury and are either rusty or re-invigorated.

Recent form tends to be most important as top class sports people will carry a lot of public baggage with them when prices are set, either by bookmakers or exchanges or other mediums.

Golden Rules
Most important is money. Always set aside an amount for betting. This is an absolute figure which you can not go beyond in a certain time period. No matter what. Time period is important because it allows you to look ahead should you lose your bankroll.

If you are winning do not suddenly start betting bigger amounts. This just increases volatility and gives you the chance to lose all. So for example if you started with £1000 and have won £800 you might sensibly adjust you bankroll (the amount set aside for betting) to £1400 and put the other £400 in you not-for-betting account.

Bet when you are sober.

Don't chase. After a losing bet just re-think why you thought those odds were the right ones to take and if you still think it was a good bet but happened to lose (as will happen no matter how good you are), then move on to thinking about the next bet.

Results checking and volatility. All sports can analysed for result prediction. You can make it as complicated as you like but you must be comparing real results with your expectations to check you are on the right path. If not you must adjust and one of the possible adjustments is that your model is wrong and you have to stop and maybe re-analyse and start over or simply give up.

Volatility is always a problem for a value bettor. Winning on any particular bet does not justify the bet but winning over a large number of bets will tend to support your method of analysis. Likewise losing a bet does not mean the bet was a poor one, but losing over a number of bets needs to get your attention. If you are right in your thinking but you are experiencing a negative fluctuation this is the hardest thing to deal with. Thats why adherring to strict bankroll management is crucial.

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