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eGaming: How to gamble on LOL
The world of competitive gaming continues to grow rapidly, with the global eSports market generating millions and millions of pounds. Ginx eSports – the UK’s first 24-hour eSports TV channel – has helped add significant mainstream exposure.

The eSports revolution has coincided with a growing market in Esports gambling. Whilst Dota 2 may lead the march of eSports betting, there’s also money to be won on another of the online gaming giants, League of Legends (LOL).

Whilst it helps to know a little bit about the game, it isn’t strictly necessary if you follow the step-by-step matched betting guide. This method wins you money whatever the outcome of the bet.

LOL is a multiplayer online battle arena game which can be played by teams or individuals. The role of the player is to control one or more fighters and to complete objectives they’re set, such as blowing up the enemy’s base – or ‘nexus’. Whilst the game is relatively simple to pick-up, to make it competitively you need a great deal of skill and practise.

The most popular bets on LOL are typically match bets – a gamble on the outcome of a single contest. LOL lends itself to these types of bets as there are no huge favourites with ridiculously short odds, so there’s always money to be made. Nevertheless, outright bets on tournaments or leagues obviously return much higher odds.

Another way to find higher odds is through handicap betting. When betting on team matches rather than individuals, you’re likely to get much higher odds as it’s more difficult for bookies to judge individual skill levels. For those willing to spend a bit of time doing a little digging on each team, then handicap betting can prove to be particularly lucrative.

Checking out a team’s win rate is certainly a good place to start. A winning percentage can be calculated by dividing a team’s wins by their total number of matches played – draws count as a ½ loss and a ½ win – and then multiplying by 100. You can then use that to compare against their opposition.

In LOL, you also have to account for playing styles. Whilst aggressiveness is often rewarded, it can also be counterpunched with effective strategic gameplay. It’s worth checking out which meta-level players and teams are currently at, so as to judge how effective each one’s tactics will be against the others.

The European League of Legends Championship Series – the Summer Split – is currently underway, so don’t miss out on the latest pro-tournament.

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