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Washington Triumph in the NHL
2018 Stanley Cup
The NHL season has come to an end and been won by Washington under the guidance of the brilliant Alexander Ovechkin. The Russian coach finally proved his class and took the coveted trophy.

This time, the intensive hockey season really impressed the whole world. Meeting in the finale were Washington and Vegas, two teams that have never really set the Thames on fire. But their struggle was real and uncompromising just as hockey fans love. Vegas's example is especially impressive as it was created just a few years ago but has already reached the deciding stage thanks to a great squad and of course a highly respected coach.

However, despite the Golden Knights' rapid rise they couldn't defeat Washington with Ovechkin calling the shots and the team from the Capitol won the champion title.

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In this season the team managed to reach great results thanks to team play and excellent calls of the leaders at the deciding moments. Earlier in the season the Capitals were a pale shadow of what it would become later in the important matches. Then, besides Ovechkin, John Carlson, Tom Wilson all the other players improved. At the end of the season they were duly rewarded for their efforts.
Washington Capitals
What to Expect from Next Season?
Next year Washington will attempt to retain their title but history has shown it's more difficult to defend than to win it. Ovechkin & Co have a lot of rivals. The main ones are: ·
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Tampa Bay Lightenings
Washington met Tampa this year in the play-off round and proceeded through to the next stage.

Hockey competitions require tough performances and there’s no place for compromise though of course some games end up with a draw. This confrontational sport attracts fans from all over the world.

It’s obvious that many teams will soon face serious changes concerning their squad. Washington did so after the 2017 playoffs but that did not stop them from winning the Metropolitan Division for a third straight year.

So, the summer break is a good opportunity for clubs to strengthen their positions, enter the new season in perfect shape and out manoeuvre their rivals. We’ll see who chooses whom on the draft as clubs’ games in the next year depend on it.

Young hockey players from all over the world will try to prove their professionalism to enter the strongest league on Earth. In the near future, we’ll know in what way this will impact the team’s results.
Stanley Cup Arena
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